Monday, November 12, 2012

A Few Pictures from Classes

Well, the Christmas Emporium Centerpiece class was a real hit. I think I can safely say we all had a great time. Lots of prizes...a great lunch from CCC...and projects they were all happy with when they left.
Having said that, we all headed out trying to get home before the storm hit...again.
These are a few shots I took towards the end of the class. I will refrain from trying to remember everyones name here for fear of getting them wrong, but I'll never forget your smiling faces.
Thanks to Linda, Claudia and everyone who came to the class from the bottom of my heart.
Sydney was the first to leave having really done a smashing job in her little corner at putting together a great project!

The smile says it all.

Sometimes you just have to push hard to hold it all together while the glue dries...great job here, too!

Good Friends, Great these two.

Aahhhh yes, a Dynamic Duo that worked hard and got a super little creation done.

The Girls in the Back...ha...they had a good time and hey.....closest to the stamps and goodies!

And my new friends from Indiana. Thanks so much for making the trip. Brilliant ideas came from this table to make their projects their own "works of ART."

These two lovely ladies have come to several of my classes. It was so good to see them again.

Now these two really worked hard. Claudia and Barb did a great job. And Linda is in the background putting together the new great papers from Graphic 45.
A few hard at work with the day coming to a close. Many, many thanks to Linda and Claudia at Creative Cuts and Crafts in Elmhurst.
And just a note to a couple of those who asked for a kit if any were left....they're all gone!!! YAY!
And this is what awaited us in the driveway...3 tons of River Rock for landscaping. We got a lot of it done today. It really looks nice.
And I must share this beautiful shot of  Erin on her 12th Birthday...not the 21 she played with in front of her as a joke. Such a great kid...talented, funny, and gorgeous to boot!
Lastly this shot of the amazing work Cindyann and Lyn brought in to show me in Moline. Can you believe the Halloween village???
So glad they brought their Gypsy Wagons in that they also made from the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine article I wrote.
I have 4 kits left of the Standing Curios shown here...and 2 of the 4 Square Metal Canvas kits...and that's IT!  All gone.
Let me know if you're still interested.
So that's what's been happening in our world. Hope you've had a good couple of weeks at your place, too.
Be well and Be Good to each other!

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Theresa said...

It was a great class!! So fun to finally meet you and create all day too!! Thanks for making the trip and making our day so special.