Friday, June 1, 2012

Historic Tennessee Mansions & More

A picture is worth a thousand I will try to keep the words at a minimum

We went to the Grand Ole Opry and saw a GREAT show...Glorianna, Restless Heart, Charlie Daniels...and more. Fun time..Bill type stuff.

But before the show, we went on the Tennessee Historical Tour. LOVED it.

This is probably one of my most favorite shots that I've ever taken...Bill walking through Rachel's Garden at the Hermitage.

Short...General Jackson was our 7th President. He married Rachel Donelson and owned a huge amount of land. He lead the Americans to defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

He's elected President on his 2nd try, but the campaign is one of the most hateful ones of all times. It takes a terrible toll on his wife Rachel, and she dies of a heart condition a few days before they're to leave for Washington D.C.

She never gets to see the White House.

This was their home, the Hermitage. Rachel created a gorgeous garden in the back that's still maintained.

Their were still a few Magnolias in bloom on the huge trees.

Just to give you a perspective...look at the size of the column next to the guide.

The kitchens were always in the back and detached from the house. In case of a fire the whole place might not burn to the ground. Most fires started in the kitchens.

The large porch on the front of the home.

NO PICTURES inside the hoo!

This is the Tomb of Rachel and Andrew. He would come here every evening when he returned from serving as President to morn her loss.

Some interesting headstones in the Garden.


Little tiny orange flowers....don't have a clue what they are.

The brightest red Poppies I have ever seen...who do you think of when you see this flower????

I immediately thought of Donna Downey.

Alfred's cabin, a slave, where he lived with his wife and their 10 children.

This little lady told us goodbye.

We walked the grounds and had a lovely morning.

This is another one of my favorite's called "the Cabin by the Spring."

You could almost expect to see little elves running around in the woods.

Then after a FANTASTIC lunch, we were off to visit the Belle Meade Mansion.
This estate was over 5000 acres and was formerly a world renowned Thoroughbred farm. But through the years of bad recession, the family lost everything and had to sell the estate.

Both these mansions had the most amazing staircases that circled the main hall.

NO PICTURES inside here either. The Chandeliers were amazing, too.

But I took this from the outside of the lace curtains.

We were allowed to take pictures of the horse stables. Very elegant for the race horses.

The garage was allowed for pictures as well.

Not much comfort in these cramped little carriages.

Then to the Vinyard to sample all their wines with names that sounded like horses.....this is a stone bench in the flower garden.

And one last picture of the Magnolias....can you see the fly on the leaf????

I have the 2 girls for the weekend. Ann graduated with her Master's and Jeff is taking her shopping in Chicago for her gift.

Should be a fun weekend for everyone!!!

I'll post more of the Haunted Cave in Rock and the Rose House on the Ohio next time.



Netty said...

Thank you for sharing these great pictures Linda, have fun. xx

Barbara said...

Brings back memories. We were there a year ago in February. No flowers, wind howling and the temperature in the 30's I'd love to see it with the flowers in bloom. And I agree, the headstones were very interesting. I bought a book of their love letters in the bookstore!

Mo said...

Thanks fr the wonderful tour. I can never get enogh of the history and armchair traveling.Congratulations on Ann's Masters.

Candy C said...

Wow Linda! What amazingly beautiful pictures. The flowers are just breathtaking. That picture of your husband walking down the path is really gorgeous. Looks like you're having such a wonderful time. I'm so glad! Continue enjoying your time. <3 Candy

The Gentleman Crafter said...

This brings back so many memories. My last "real" vacation with my folks when I was 16. Thank you so much for taking me/us along with you! Such awesome pictures. You are right, the picture of Bill in the garden is a keeper! I'd blow that one up and have it made into a print! Awesome!