Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Gorgeous Day on Destin Harbor

It's been a wonderful couple of days to relax, sit on the patio, eat seafood, read a book, journal a little and of course  SHOP!!!

We had a very productive day at Destin Commons. Got a new purse, a vase, a shirt, and a birthday gift for a friend.

Bill was so great...he finds things I'm looking for that I can't find!  WHAT A GUY!

So we went to a place to eat that HE would like (he's had enough seafood right now). He got his Pizza fix for the week and a beer.

Then on the way back to the hotel...the Krispy Kreme "Hot Donuts" sign was ON!!!

Donuts and coffee as a chaser...we're so easy.

Sunset on Destin Harbor

I have no idea why there are squares on the pictures here...they were taken on my so-called "Smart" phone.

And I'm never happy with the way this notebook works....give me my desktop computer ANY day!!!!!!

This is really a great evening on the Harbor. And this shot looked a lot better on my phone, but you get the idea.

Off and running again in the morning....heading for  Memphis.

We'll wave at Shelly Hickox as we go by on the highway.

I hate to leave the gorgeous view down here, but the strange thing is, it was 81 in Morton, IL and 78 in Destin, FL today!!!

What's wrong with that picture...????



Bella said...

I wish I knew what was wrong with that pic. It has happened to me once before...Enjoy the rest of your travels.

Wanda H said...


Lori said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and you won't believe the temps back here in Illinois! Crazy!