Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Times at Memory Bound Scrapbook Store

Sorry this has to be said 1st!
MORTON HS is GRAND CHAMPION at UofI!!!!!!! (my son's Marching Band)

Two classes down and one to go!!!

And I think everyone had a good time, learned a few things and went home with projects they really loved. The ones with their own pictures were just too cool!

I did not get pics of the finished if anyone sends me pictures, I'll upload them.

BUT, I did get a few pictures of the gals in class....all so talented, and helpful to each other.

These 3 hard workers had fantastic Curios. Leslie helped a lot, too. And Josephine was a treat to have in class. It was the 1st time I'd met her, and she did a wonderful job with her project. 

The little lady in the back, was new to my classes too, I apologize for not remembering her name. She had a ton of tools, and was soooo organized. Love how her project came together!

I am terrible with names. I don't remember all of them, but these 2 I DO remember. Heather and Mary!!! Good luck at the Soccer Games tomorrow!

And this young lady is soooo talented. Tami, thank you for wearing your name tag, but I remembered it without looking!!!

These 2 gals are a hoot! They shared all their stuff and helped each other and those around them. That is always great to have in class. Thanks Shawn and Julie!!!

And here is Ms. Wanda...soooooo talented and helpful, too. Just a peach to be around. Big hugs, girl.

And RaNae, love her to pieces. Her project really turned out beautiful. She used pictures of her gorgeous daughter in her Curio. (Hi Harry!!!)

And now these 2.  There are no words to describe the fun they had and gave to all of us. We even sang an "oldie but goodie" for the class!

Jackie won one of the DOOR PRIZEs, a set of G45 Christmas stamps. I believe that made her happy.

Thank you Marlene for TRYING to keep her under control...the emphasis on TRYING!

And this person came incognito!  We've no idea who she is. She didn't want to be recognized so we'll just leave it at that. But she did have a great project she made and didn't even mind sharing her drink!

A lovely lady....

So that's it for today. All in all, a wonderful time!!!!!

I'll have one more class tomorrow, and be headed home.

Thanks so much to Kelli and Dawn for everything.

And to all the students, from the bottom of my heart, a great big thank you and a hug.

Be Well and Be Good to each other!

Your Friend in ART....signing out from Ankeny Iowa....Good Night!


Julie said...

Had a great time at Memory Bound in Ankeny, IA on Saturday. Love the Tool Caddy and the Standing Curio. I even won the Graphic 45 Metal Flowers, yea! I will have to tease Shawn about turning around and telling us to smile when she was in the picture also. Hope you come back to Ankeny again soon. You come up the the best projects.

Tami Roth said...

I had SO much fun in your classes, Linda! Thank you very much for teaching and sharing your wonderful projects with us-you are amazing (I know how to look at photos on my camera now-ha!) I look forward to more of your classes, thank you again, hugs,

Leslie said...

I had a great time in the class, I really enjoyed it. I am showing off the curio and everyone loves it. You are a great teacher and inspiration for other project ideas running in my head. Hoping you will be back in Ankeny to teach more classes.

Leslie said...

I was showing my curio to a friend and we started wondering where we could find the pencil boxes. I found where you can get a dozen for $13 at Oriental Trading but now sure how good the quality is but I might try it. Also, the number I had on the Poppy Canvas project was my softball number in high school. Hope you had a safe trip home and enjoy the time off.