Monday, June 6, 2011

WONDERFUL time spent @Memory Bound

I cannot say enough about the students and the people in Ankeny Iowa at Memory Bound Scrapbook Store!!!

The staff and owners, Kellie and Dawn, are top notch. I'd go back there in a minute...... fact I AM going back there in the fall. No date yet, or classes, but we'll work that out after CHA!!! YAY!

Anyway, I owe a whole lot to my new buddy Robin here on the left. She bugged them, as I'm sure Robin in her own gentle way did, to get them to have me come and teach.

THANK YOU ROBIN!!! It was a joy.

And Fonda shown here with her, has a fantastic class coming up at the shop! BOTH very talented ladies. Robin loves flowers, no gears, please...

I didn't get pictures of everyone, but I did get some on the last day before everyone was gone. Jackie (on the left) shared sooooo much. Thank you for the little class on making a totally cute paper folded project, and my great gift...vintage paper from a player piano. And Marlo just lives right outside the back door....well almost!

I am great at remembering faces, but horrible with names. Too bad I can't read all the name tags!!! But these two lovely ladies are cousins that had great projects come together.

Now these 2 were there for all 3 classes. Who could forget the bubbly Lisa and her fantastic attitude to play. Jo, what at joy to meet you and chat. Hope to see you again soon at your shop.

I had met Glenda before in Davenport at one of my classes, but here she is with her daughter Chris. What a gorgeous duo to work with. Thanks so much for coming to the classes.

And here's Lynn and RaNae, great ladies. Anyway....we bonded and chatted and just had a great time discussing techniques and products.

I know Kellie got some better shots of everyone. These are just a few of the girls that came to the class on Sunday....59 kits again, went out the door this weekend. It appears the Embossed Metal class was THE favorite as it was full.

Everyone is excited to work with metal!!

So much fun, so little time. I met some fantastic people, made some great new friends and love hearing from all of you. Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone.

Mary, mom to a new State Soccer just keep looking at all the wonderful things. We'll get together again.

Keep the emails coming. Any questions and comments are great fun for me.

And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic weekend in Iowa.

Had to have Frank's Pizza on the way home in Bettendorf. Best around!



Netty said...

Your students obviously had a great time playing. Lucky as well to have you to teach them. Annette x

misteejay said...

It must be so lovely having all these folk trying the things that you show them...they certainly look like they are having a fab time.

Toni xx

Lynn Stevens said...

looks like a blast, nothing compares to crafting with friends, even new ones.
hugs Lynn

Linda Cain said...

It was great..this is a test, since my computer crashed yesterday after a double power surge.
Better now, but not a good day.


Wanda H said...

Everything sounds fab!!!! I'm sorry I had to miss out but am very excited you'll be coming back... woohoo!!!! We had a wonderful time in MN, the wedding was amazing!!! We were able to see all of my family and all of Chuck's brothers and sisters... yay!!!! A really great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda, was wonderful meeting you - got my order from Coffee Break
Designs today - my sister is coming tonight from Denver and we are going to make art til we drop!!

Meme said...

Looks like you had fabulous classes! Good for you Linda. Been away a bit so I will have to catch up with all your tidbits.

Have a great week!

RaNae Beers Ellett said...

I really enjoyed your Artful Dwelling Class that I took part in at Memory Bound Scrapbook Store June 5th! I absolutely enjoyed meeting and "Bonding" with you over metal and Alcohol Ink techniques and talking strategies of how and what to do with it......I have had a very busy 6 weeks since I met you so have not had time to work with the metal you gave me but I will and will let you know how it goes. I love the idea of it. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you in the Fall.