Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classes are up for STAMPER'S INK in KANSAS!!!

Well, it's a real tough act to follow (Tim and Mario), but I'm going to be teaching at Stamper's Ink  August 12 & 13!!!

Classes are up here!

 Chunky ATC

 Embossed Metal Canvases 

 Steampunk Artful Dwellings

Tanya contacted me after CHA-W and this was the time of year that we decided on....Kansas in August! Hey, isn't there a song with that phrase in it from South Pacific??? See Mitzi Gaynor singing it here on the beach.

Sooooo, check it out. Tim was just there and he said on his blog that the whole weekend was "flawless." Now THAT'S a compliment!!!!

The pictures are up, the samples are in the store, so what are you waiting for? Give them a call.

The Sun is shining here and "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!! "  Mr. Rogers

USA Women's Soccer  Win  2-0 in World Cup game against N. Korea!!!! WTG Ladies!



Hels Sheridan said...

Ooooh, gorgeous!! Wish I lived nearer! I would be there like a shot... they look like amazing classes hun x

Netty said...

They are all fabulous and like Hels if I lived nearer I would most definitely be there. xx

Candy C said...

Linda your samples are amazing! I got to see them IN PERSON when I was taking Tim's classes and they are incredible!!! Your metal work is just phenom...attention to detail like no other! :)

Shirley said...

Hi, Linda. Like Candy, I saw your class samples in person at Stamper's Ink. Your work is fabulous! I will be in Phoenix that same weekend, or I would have tickets in hand! Hope to catch you within driving distance again.

Anonymous said...

Actually the musical is "Oklahoma"!
Love your stuff ,and wish I could take a class.

Linda Cain said...

"A Wonderful Guy" sung by Mitzi Gaynor from the musical South Pacific.
Mitzi sang it on the beach in South Pacific.

misteejay said...

How exciting for you and those class projects look super.

Thanks for the link to 'South Pacific'...it brought back some lovely memories as it was one of the first films my mum took me to see.

Toni xx

Heather said...

Linda, I posted pictures on my Facebook page of my completed projects. Thanks for coming to Iowa!

Lynn Stevens said...

What fun you all will have, to bad Kansas is on the other side of the U.S. for me!
hugs Lynn