Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day in New Orleans....Swamp!!!

We arrived in New Orleans and got up bright and early to start our day.

I was not really excited about going on the Swamp Tour. I'll admit it. But I'm amazed at the number of people out there going on these tours!!!

Maybe it's all the new Reality Shows on now. But I'll tell you, it was a Blast!!! We had a great time. The tour guide was outstanding, a REALLY hysterically funny kid. We saw beautiful sites and wildlife.

He laid down on the deck and hand fed a 9 foot alligator, and then held her up by her neck!!! The kids on the boat had a fit!  Then we all got to pass around a baby alligator.

 I wanted nothing to do with the critter, but after all the little kids and older ladies on the boat held the darn thing, I did too......not a very flattering picture of me....but I knew you guys would get a laugh out of it.

So here I am in the New Orleans Swampland holding a baby alligator.....I hope you apprecitate me at my worst!!!

 Lunch was fantastic at the old Cafe in the French could have fed a family of 4 on the Shrimp Platter that I got.

Then we took a tour through the French Quarter. Here is Jackson Square with the statue of General Jackson established in 1721.

 We went to one of the Cemetaries that are all above ground burial sites due to the high water table there. The statues and sculptures are quite breathtaking.

 The burial details are facinating to me, I won't bore you with the stories, but you should check out how they accomplish burying so many in a small place!

The iron work is so amazing here.

The homes built during the civil war were beyond belief to me. This is only one that was on our tour.

Next we were back in the French Quarter at the Cresent City Brewhouse for dinner. Fantastic food! This is a shot of the 3 brew chambers.

We had a long and enjoyable day...then we walked the very interesting Bourbon Street for a few hours of unimaginable entertainment....most too over the top to show in pictures!!!!

Have a great week....we are!!!

Linda and Bill


Sharon Margiotta said...

Oh how fun is that! My parents grew up in New Orleans. I spent alot of time there as a kid because of having many relatives there. The cemeteries are breathtaking, the antebellum homes are fabulous ... whats the name of the one you went to. So much to do and see there!

misteejay said...

Amazing photos. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time - enjoy.

Toni :o)

Kathy Eddy said...

i have walked down Bouban Street but in the daytime only and still saw things one should not be seeing on the street! LOL We drove to Bay St. Louis while there and watched the sunrise and all the fishing boats going out. It was so gorgeous and all the old mansions with spanish moss hanging in the trees.

SusanK said...

Awesome! But I'm a lover of swamp stuff...Swamp People on tv, gators, etc. Long as you're enjoying yourselves is all that matters!

Daniele said...

how brave are you.....looks a very interesting place to visit
have fun

Netty said...

Thank you for showing such great pictures Linda. Have a fabulous time the pair of you. Annette x

Helen said...

Looks like you are both having a lot of fun! The buildings look amazing, and rather you than me with the wildlife!!!

Jan Hennings said...

beautiful photo's!

Lori said...

How cool is that? You holding a 'gator! lol! Looks like you're having a great time, enjoy!

Kelly Booth said...

What a fun trip....thanks for sharing some Photo's!! Hope you have a great week....Hugs!

Kathyk said...

I've done one of those tours here in Florida - those folks have to be crazy to jump in the swamp and catch a 'gator!!! Smashing pix, thanks for sharing - looks like you had a great time too


Two Dog Pond said...

I thought I saw you on "Swamp People" last night! Go Linda!!!