Sunday, January 16, 2011

GLEE wins!!!

Can I just say GLEE ROCKS!!!! I totally forgot all about the Golden Globes tonight. I so wanted to see Glee win....and Chris and Jane...WHOO HOO! Amazing.....he is so talented. Sings and acts from the heart.

What more can you say about Jane Lynch??? What a hoot to watch.

And thanks for all the comments and emails about the Nook, and Kindle. You guys really came through, and I agree with all of you. You are the BEST!.

Anyway, CHA assignments done....I'm happy, Tim's happy.....and FedEx gets them tomorrow!!!! I had a blast.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm easily amused.....look at this bottle and how cool the Espresso Alcohol Ink swirled inside it. Ages it in a matter of moments.

And I combined some turquoise beads and gold micro beads to create a potion.
Too fun.

Bear with me, I will upload pictures when I can. I hated being teased as a kid, so I do by best not to do that. Keep checking out Tim's Blog for new things.


Your Friend in ART,



Sue said...

That bottle does look very aged, almost looks like smoke! Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

Candy C said...

I love your sense of humor! The bottle is really cool. Love the way the alcohol inks swirled inside of it. You have peaked my curiousity...little balls and a glass tube that has been altered with alcohol inks.....hmmmmmm?!?! Can't wait to see the finished "magic".

Elaine A said...

Hi Linda -

GLEE does ROCK! I also forgot to watch the Golden Globes - darn! I am intrigued by your little bottle, love how the alcohol ink swirled inside, kinda like a genie coming out of his bottle.

Elaine Allen

SusanK said...

Are you into altered bottles now? This looks intriguing....

Dina said...

Oooh, alcohol ink in those bottles is sheer genius! You always amaze and inspire me. :)


Tammy Tutterow said...

Oh! Love that ink in a bottle!

Netty said...

I adore micro beads they are so versatile and look forward to seeing your make Linda. Have a great week, Annette x

Anonymous said...

you are a big 'ol tease! i LOVE the look so far...can't wait to see more!!!