Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Good Time Was Had by All!!!

We had a gorgeous White Christmas! This is a shot of the backyard.

Christmas Day at the Cain's.

Erin loved her hat...didn't take it off all day long. This was my best shot of the day...clearest.

The three girls by the fireplace.

The Haifas, or as I call them Mick and Company!

My son Jeff's family....could you tell the sugar high was gone and the steam was running out?????

My daughter Michelle Ann.

Jeff and his gag he can read!!!!

Emma at her finest. She just loves everything!

Carlo keeping track of all the papers and boxes.

Annie watching the girls open presents....don't you LOVE that shawl??????

Em is whispering to Brittany, a big secret!

My handsome young grandson...outnumbered by all the girls, but the best sport.

Brit got a Glee shirt and I'm sitting here typing in my Glee lounging pajamas. Yep, we're all Gleeks!!!!

And if the kids let me take pictures, we all get to be crazy for the last shot! And no one is CRAZIER than we are....

Merry Christmas and Big Hugs to Everyone!!!



Sharon said...

Oh Linda, what a beautiful family you have. Merry Christmas to you.

SusanK said...

How wonderful!

Two Dog Pond said...

Merry Christmas Linda! Look like a wonderful day.
♥ Rachel

Wanda H said...

LOL that last picture is just so funny!!! Tim loves to do funny pictures also but Nick would rather not... boys!!!! All the pics are wonderful!!! A fabulous day for sure!!! Big Hugs to you too!!!!

Oxana said...

You have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To all of you!

Etta said...

Love the fun!!!