Friday, August 6, 2010

OK you guys!!!!!!!!!!

................I tried going back to the old classic blog template and lost all my gadgets, links and everything. SO, rather than start from scratch with that, I decided to tweak this one. And I figured out how to get the color and size again!

So we have the black background back again. I hope you're happy, cause I'm happy!!! BUT, lesson learned here, as usual.

The bright colors will knock your socks off for awhile from the old posts, which remarkably seemed to follow the blog. ISN'T THAT AMAZING????

And some more fabulous dear friend Lin Brown from the UK is on Tim's Design Team, too. She is such a brilliantly talented person. YAY for Lin!!!

Shall we try a picture and see how messed up the new template can make that???? The flower is a project I made with Deb at CHA. Loved how the colors turned out on it. It was from Clearsnap. Could never in a millions years tell you how I did it! Luck is better than talent many days!

OK, it's only taken me 2 hours to get to this point... this is my son, the Over 30 goalie for the Morton Team that on the tournament last weekend. He's red, yes, cause it was HOT!

This is a really cool rack I found at an antique shop in Le Claire Iowa. I tried to get them for the classes, but they were out of stock for several months. This is the class that's coming up in Springfield at Prairie Art Stamps, without the rack, so call and get your spot. We're sure to have a great time!!!!

Your Humble Friend in ART,


2amscrapper said...

I really like the black background. Makes your amazing art really pop!

MrsETaylor said...

I am so tickled that you are on Tim's team. You are one of my absolute favorites Linda.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I have a black background as well. Just didn't like "the feel" or any of the other options when I first created my blog.

Congratulations on making the TH Team! That is quite an honor!

Have an art-filled weekend :)

Linda Elbourne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Better than the old one and a whole lot nicer than yesterdays ... LOVE IT!

barbara b said...

So glad you went back to the black background. I agree, your work is too special not to have it pop in your blog!

Donna Scanlon said...

Yes, this I like! Nice and crisp. It doesn't distract from from your art.

So happy you are now on Tim's Design Team. Congratulations!

Helen said...

I have black background on my craft blog but white on the photos one, keep thinking about changing the style of the craft one, but would hate to lose stuff!! Your blog always looks great to me. The flower on the tag is just beautiful.

Rhonda said...

Congratulations Linda! And I do like the black background, makes your wonderful art pop.

Betty said...

I really like this look! It's so you.

Etta said...

Your blog looks great! Clean, precise and easy to read, for those of us who have bad eyes. I like it, alot!

Wanda H said...

The black does look good!!! and the colors on the flower do look great!!! Looks like you were using some mists.

Elaine A said...

Linda -

The blog looks much better with the black background! Everything looks bright and crisp.

Elaine Allen