Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To School-Oh Happy Day!

Well, the summer is officially over for the kids. It's back to school time for the youngest ones here. And they are BOTH so HAPPY! Yeah! Thank you for that. They got the teachers they wanted, but had to wait almost all summer to find out...and the anguish was bad. I love that commercial where the parents are gliding though the store on a shopping cart, soooo happy, because its time for school to start!

The only grandson is getting a mouth full of metal today......braces for the boy!

Alex it will all be worth it. Look at your sister's gorgeous smile. Try not to see the fangs that come out at night! Oh, Edward, she is here waiting for you.

I'll probably pay for that.....

Anyway. Finished up instructions that I had to write. They are the least fun in the course of making projects, but a must. Something fun for you guys and exciting to tell you when I can....you'll be the first to know. (nothing huge Lori, you're a hoot!) Stay tuned.

Off to the printer for class instructions and labeling tape for all the new Distress Inks....it's about time I did that. Need 6 more feet of desktop for everything. Had to order another one of these from RANGER....LOVE THEM!

And thanks to all of you who wrote to congratulate me on the Tim Holtz Design Team. It really means a lot. Not everyone has a link I can email back to, so just know, every comment is gratefully received! I will have some new classes that will definitely be in the area, and we'll use Tim Stuff for SURE!

Have a great day....and CREATE ART!


Daniele said...

sounds like you are going to have time on your hands now that the children are back at school.....wonder what you'll do with all that spare time

Lori said...

Are you on yet ANOTHER design team?? There's somethin' in the wind, I can smell it..... lol! Or, are you writing a book? Making a video? Making a movie? Come on, tell us!!!

Linda Cain said...

Oh, Lori, you have waaayyy to vivid an imagination. Nothing big, just fun.

Geez, you're a hoot!

SusanK said...

Can't wait to hear what else is going on in your life! Sounds like it will be fun...your 2nd middle name...after creative goddess!