Thursday, June 3, 2010

Layers and Layers

Everybody who knows me knows that I love to layer stuff...on chipboard, on metal, on paper...I love layers.

The Queen of Layers wrote a great book that got me started...Layers by Shari Carroll. If you don't have it, you should really check it out!

Anyhow, Tim's new die cuts from Alterations just make a whole new dimension available with layers using die cut pieces.

This is just a peek at something I worked up with paper, canvas, paint, inks, stamps, Idea-ology and paper. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Busy time, working on assignments and trying to keep up with life in general.

Be well and Be Good to Each Other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend in ART,



Wanda H said...

Nice!!! You are very good at the layering thing!!!!

Helen said...

I agree, great layering!

Lisa and Elaine said...

Awesome looking snippet of what looks to be a great project Linda.
Love from your friends in Australia,
Lisa and Elaine @ Destination Art

Lori said...

Yes, you are great at layering! Thanks for the tip on Shari's book, might have to buy it, 'cause layering is something I have major issues with. MAJOR. I hate covering stuff up. I just have to get over it. My name is Lori and I have a layering problem....

Sue said...

I'm Intrigued! Can't wait to see the whole project! :) Sue

2amscrapper said...

I'm with Lori on this one. I like the layered look but have trouble covering up stuff, especially beautiful paper. I'm lovin' your layering and would like to see the rest of whatever project is in the photo.

JAN said...

Thankyou for pointing me in the right direction for Shari's book please do you have any others you would recommend. ty janet