Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're Off Again

Had lunch with the Watercolor Chicks yesterday. A late celebration of my BDay.
Biaggi's is one of our favorite haunts. Terrific Tiramisu!!!

Then Coffee at Eli's with Deb in the afternoon. I WANT her shirt. It was too cool.

And Erin came with to have frozen hot chocolate..that's an oxymoron isn't it?
And her favorite butterscotch treat.

We're going to see "the Boy", Alex in his HS Musical...The Music Man tonight. It's opening night and they're having a party at their house afterwards. For some strange reason, they've built a boat in the living room. Picture is from a cell phone, so it's not as clear, but WAY fun to see!

Michelle probably told me the story behind it, but it escapes me. This picture is Brit in the boat with the shark.

Interesting. They really did a great job on this work of ART!!!! Anybody need sailboat with holes to walk around in when they're done with it?????

Have a great day!!!! And Don't Forget to Play!!!!


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