Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Header Idea

Since I never put up the entire piece I made as the header, I thought I would try posting it for "a few whiles" as my daughter used to say! This was the other one, but it got lost in the I changed it again!

The Row Houses are actually hanging in my sunroom. They're in a 36"frame. I did this after my mom's death to get me up and doing "something." As we all know, loosing someone leaves a large hole in our hearts and our day that is hard to fill.

But, it was the start of my Row Houses and a class developed! Probably my favorite class ever.

There are vintage pics of me(I'm in the trenchcoat and beret and the cowgirl hat on my grandpa's tractor), my husband (the kid in the overalls) and my BIL with his siblings (under the embossed metal roof with a K) in it. And there are other vintage images from Collections and Tim's Distressables.

Still love it, so back up it goes.................until another day, I guess.


Linda Elbourne said...

Ok ... I missed the new header so I cannot comment ... but I have always loved your row of houses as a header and knowing the history behind it now ... I love it even more ... I bet that was some class X

Lori said...

Geez, I must have been too critical. I LOVED the new header. But this one is FAB too! So, is that slideshow hard to add?? lol (That's a great idea, BTW)

Hels said...

Wow, this is stunning hun...and yes, I know what you mean about being creative helping heal the massive hole in our hearts and lives...MASSIVE hugs for you hun...can I see more of the delightful art now pleasings? :O)) xxx

Anonymous said...

Your work is simply breath-taking! So great to be able worth with you and Petaloo.


Linda Elbourne said...

Just realised how stooooooooopid I am :0) I love this sneaky peek .... but I wanna see more :0)

JAN said...

hi its jan here i am now a follower so good to keep up with your art it is fantaastic!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Absolutely love this piece and glad you found some solace in its creation.