Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alex the Eagle Scout

My Grandson became an Eagle Scout at the age of 15.
We are so proud of him and the support he received from his family..Brit, Mom and Dad, who, I think had just as much fun as Alex did!!!!

The ceremony is moving. The speakers are there to honor the institution as well as the young men that have achieved this high honor.

To hear about the ability to reach this goal is unbelievable to say the least.

If I ever have a heart attach or medical emergency.....I want Alex there to keep the cool and intelligent head that he has been trained to use.

He is an amazing young man and we should all be proud of his ambitions to serve his community and his fellow scouts.

It was a wonderful day!!!!!


Jen Crossley said...

How wonderful Linda Alex is a fine young man you must be really proud.BOY he is tall My son Matthew is not that big and he is nearly 17 you grow tall over there


Oh, happy day! Congratulations, Alex!!

My oldest son is an Eagle scout so I know just what a wonderful accomplishment it is.

Great big smiles,

Susan said...

Congratulations on your grandson's accomplishment! My son is an Eagle Scout also so I know how proud you must be.

Sharon Margiotta said...

Congratulations to your grandson ... what an amazing accomplishment at such a young age ... he's got many more successes ahead of him!

Linda Broom said...

congrats Linda! You must be such a proud grandma! See you this weekend.

Robin G said...

Our son earned his Eagle also--lots of hard work. They learn to revise, revise and revise; be specific; and never give up--in addition to leadership, don't they?

The Artistic Spirit said...

Congratulations Alex! Pretty special accomplishment.