Saturday, August 29, 2009

WHEW! Six windows done!

The worst part is moving everything from around and under the windows.

No, the worst part is all the sawdust created in extracting the old windows, cutting them out, literally.

No, wait the worst part is washing, ironing and hanging all the curtains. And painting the little bit of trim that goes around each new window.

Or maybe, just maybe the worst part is knowing that only half of them are done and we get to do this all over again on Monday. I have muscles that hurt I had long forgotten about.

But, the sun is supposed to shine and the windows on the top floor are all done, and sparkling clean. And I know 2 people in this house who will sleep good tonight!!!!!

Good news....or bad, the class for the TransAtlantique Journal at Prairie Art Stamps is SOLD OUT....and that's with adding 2 extra seats today!!! You guys are fantastic!!!!!

There are a couple of spots left in the Make It Your Own Collage class....don't be late. It's gonna be a fun day!!!

Sleep Well!


Wanda H said...

Flip side.... it's half done... woo-hoo... only half left to do!!!! :-)) Way cool on the sold out class!!! Have a great week!!

wendy vecchi said...

Hey...@ least you didn't do it last night with these lovely temps in the 40's!!!!!!
August in Illinois?
Not nice!