Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well I did it again, I take the camera and forget to take pictures! We had such a GREAT time. LOTS and LOTS of hard work here!!!!!

Donna had the greatest roof. But you can't see it in my picture. It was done on the opposite side of the metal, and turned out fabulous! She planned it exactly that way!!! HA! This isn't finished yet....just working on it.

Then the dynamic duo up there, what a hoot!!! They had more stuff all over, of course we all did. But I had to tease them. What great friends come here to work on their projects together.

Anyway, by the time I remembered to take pictures, most of the class was gone. Sorry guys! Here's Sheila and Susan still working hard to finish the tags....I tell you they just do not give up!!! Shiela don't forget to tell Mom "hi!"

Carol and Kelly won the notecards door prize and Susan the "package of stuff."

So I think everyone left happy, with a bit left to do but.....onward and upward!

Thanks girls, and Jim and Margaret, too. Jim manned the counter, so Margaret could make this for a Secret Pal. Great job, Margaret!!!!

I'm exhausted.....going to the easy chair!


Jen Crossley said...

Looks like a wonderful class Linda.
You would be a wonderful teacher thats for sure

Lisa V said...

Looks like you guys had fun! At least Sheila & Susan did!!! Sure miss seeing you & them & having a ball in class--you done good, girlie!