Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Glitter

It's so hard to get a good shot of glitter.......but we had fun!

Sorry I haven't been a very good blogger lately! I like to get all my Christmas shopping done early, or at least when the weather is still good, so I can spend the cold, snowy, ugly days closer to Christmas in my studio making art and presents!!!!

But Erin and I have had a few moments to make some decorations and Stickle things up! So here are a couple more to add to our chain we're going to hang somewhere.

I did get the tree up....all the groceries for Thanksgiving dinner bought...and now the fun part of cleaning the house. My theory usually is "wait till they leave....THEN clean the house" when you have grandkids. Because the floor always needs cleaning when they leave! We'll see.......

Good night and have a great Thanksgiving!



Tumble Fish Studio said...

More lovelies! And, you did these while accomplishing so much more! Christmas shopping done already? Tree up? Wowee! I haven't even started! I'm cleaning tonight - it's rainy and the dogs keep tracking in so might as well wait til later. Sounds good to me . . . leaves time to go play a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!

Art By Wanda said...

Gorgeous ornaments!!!!