Friday, August 15, 2008

Road Trip to Galena

Had to make a trip to Galena today. Just because it was a beautiful day. I was going to mail my journals, but DH thought we should have a road trip!

So these are the Vintaj girls from Galena!! Wendy and Jeanne who are sisters, and Jess, are holding their personal favorites. They are a real treat to work with and the shop is STUNNING! See that window behind them...gorgeous. Anyone who has the chance must go and visit Vintaj Earth and see all the beautiful treasures in their shop!! They are so talented. Todd, husband to Jess, has done a wonderful job in creating the backdrop for all the works of art from the ladies.

Great job girls!



Kim H. said...

Oh what fun! You are making me want to take a road trip so bad! SMILE! They have the most gorgeous stuff !

Filigree said...

Linda your work is beautiful! Just wanted to let you know I linked this post to our blog!

Happy Designing,
Vintaj Blog