Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Day for Garden Pics! Ugly Bug...

This might be the last time I bore you with garden pictures. Then again, if something really beautiful comes out...I might bore you again!

Does anyone know what that black and orange critter is on the Agastache bush? YUCK...I don't like the looks of him!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s some fun news.....TIM HAS NEW STAMPS ON HIS BLOG!!!!! Go look at them. He released the images early so you can drool!!! His link in on the right, so go check them out. Can't wait for CHA. And don't forget Miss Wendy will be at the Ranger booth doing demos!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!! Ask her about her very own new line of stamps with Stamper Anonymous, too!!!!! WOW!!
***Hey, Donna said the "bug" is probably a digger wasp, and it won't hurt me or the grandkids! Thanks Donna! It is UG~LY! And such a bright orange. ***


Kim H. said...

Stunning flower photos! Love the one with the bug in it!

Susan said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Tim's new stamps - he's prolific!
Nominated you for some awards. Check out my blog at


Anonymous said...

Oh Linda how jealous I am of your flowers. Spring time in Australia is my fave time. I can't wait for my weeping cherry blossom to bloom (looks very sad in the winter-time). I'm a sucker for gorgeous garden flowers ...
Share more!!!
~xx Barb xx~

Jen Crossley said...

Your flowers are just beautiful,the colours are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Your "bug" is probaby some type of wasp; maybe a digger wasp. All it wants is some necter from your flowers. They also feed on other small insects. I know it looks scary, but it's no threat to you or your plants.

Found your blog through the Ranger Blog. I love your work.
Donna S.