Monday, April 14, 2008

Rachel Greig's Products!!!

Earlier I told you the great and talented Rachel Greig had asked me to use some of her stamps and papers to design a few things to show on her site Darkroom Door. I showed you the stamp of the ancient door before, but here I used her key stamps on Grundgeboard and her beautiful papers San Marco and Rialto. They have wonderful border strips throughout the sheets that are terrific to use as edging around the top and bottom of the tin box. A piece of chipboard, a couple of black brads, some rusty wire, a layered-up word, and a rusty piece on top hopefully pull it all together. The paper in the background is Esplori. Some VERY cool products and great fun to work with them.
Visit Rachel's terrific site for some brand new things you will definitely need!
Tomorrow......I'll show you my birthday gift from Fran, the talented beader! Way too cool!
And I've been asked to make some books using another talented artist's beautiful brass findings.....more to follow.....we're still working on the book to use, but I'll let you see as soon as we decide. I hate surprises and don't wait well, so I won't tease you!!!!
One thing I forgot, the back sides that are showing of the little keys are dabbed with gold and copper paint dabbers from Ranger. REALLY fun colors that I just opened!!! Gotta try them!
AND I would really like to know what you think of the top piece...I like the eclectic look of it...kinda of "t!m." But DH thinks it is a bit much....let me know....found it at Jeffrey Alan's in the sale isle...ha!


wendy vecchi said...

I LOVE it!!! All the extras really make it WORK.
Rachel will be pleased!

Alicia Sharp said...

You are amazing! Those keys look so real! I know they will love this!!

The Artistic Spirit said...

Lin, GREAT!! amazing where your mind puts those papers. I sure Rachel will be impresse. Frannie

Godelieve said...

Amazing project!

Jen Crossley said...

What a wonderful piece you have made .You are so talented Linda