Tuesday, March 18, 2008

House of Grunge

You know how I can get the phone to ring? Start gluing or painting something....it's a given! I had just started spreading the glue to add the tissue paper (7Gyypsies) and our good friend calls! Well, then I give the phone to DH to talk, and the DIL rings the doorbell....I am amazed the paper went on straight. Thankfully, we have a portable speakerphone...boy does that thing come in handy when you're covered in glue or paint!!!!!

This is the results of my fun day, playing with a cute house and Grungeboard. I call it my House of Grunge. No stamps..hard to believe.... just acrylic paint, grungeboard, pigment inks, Distress Embossing powder, and some Antiquities. The roof comes off of this paper mache' house...so you can store your "door prizes" inside. You see where I'm going with this St. Louis people?!?!

Fun way to spend a cold and rainy day....and dinner out...works for me!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Its really beautiful Linda I have a real thing for houses and this is awesome,LOVE the wings up the back to beautiful

Wendy said...

WAY WAY WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!
I'm tellin' you...that grunge has something addicting added to it in the factory!
FUN stuff!
Looks GREAT!

Kim H. said...

Holey Smokes that is AWESOME! I love it! I think I am going to have to find me some grunge board :)

Valonda L. said...

Linda, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Aside from the fact that you used my favorite color combo, I love how you used the grungeboard, love the paper you used, it all came together beautifully.

missy j said...

Tooo cool!
Thanks for sharing.

ginny said...

Oh Linda, this is really wonderful. The roof looks like leather with nailheads and the tissue is a perfect choice. Your work is really terrific. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

This is beautiful too, looks like you've been busy! Does 7G still have that tissue paper?? Love it!

Dawn said...

Linda how on earth do you do it? Time after time you show the most amazing pieces to us all - omg I just love this house, that tissue is glorious - I WANT TO BE YOU!!!! lol
and would I just love to come to a class with you....move to England quick!!!

Sarah said...

Oh WOW LindaI love your house!!! i love coming to see you and your creations you truly are an Inspiration to me.

Julian said...

Linda, this looks absolutely gorgeous- that grungeboard is wonderfull stuff and you done a fantastic job with it

Viola said...

Oh wow, your artwork is really stunning!! Great piece! :-)