Monday, March 31, 2008

Here's More Pictures....Row Houses Class

Here's a couple more of the girls with their houses. That's Helene and I. She emailed me about coming to the class and said afterwards that she was glad she did! The big gathering is around Wendy...see her little blond head in the middle...she's demonstrating in her Techniques Class. They really learned a lot!!! And of course, had a great time while they were at it.
Check out Missy's and Sue's blogs!!! Fun pictures.


missy j said...

Nooo...You guys are the BEST! I can't wait until you come back!
I finished my houses today. I spent another couple of hours distressing! I love it. It is framed and sitting in my family room. The family was impressed. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Thanks for coming!!!

Dawn said...

Looking at the pictures in this post and the previous ones your ladies excelled themselves. What beautiful works of art their Row Houses are to grace the walls of their homes... Great class you taught there Linda, Well done!