Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the WINNER IS!!!

We decided to draw at noon today when my 3 yr old granddaughter Emma came over! And she picked out Suse's name!!! YEAH!!!!! Yes mine is the one with the green star in the top row with the dots. They seem to be my favorite thing to do with edges. Let me know where to send your house, Suse, and congratulations! Thanks to everyone who played. It's so fun to read comments from everyone. The other house that was often guessed is by my friend Cecile in Ohio. She is coming to our classes in St. Louis so you can meet her there!

Thanks again....and several have sent email asking where to get the houses by Collections. They are from an Australian business, and I have passed along your interest to her. I will let you know if they become available in the US.

Go Create!
Just in!!! Kelsey just emailed me to say the shop where she works carries the "Collections" products, and you can order them online!!! New things are coming soon, too!


Here's the page with the houses!

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Anonymous said...

I love those houses!!! Found your blog on the Nirvana blog. Your art is great!! Sue