Friday, March 28, 2008

All Packed up and Ready to GO!!!!!

No pictures today. Just packing up and enjoying the sunshine. Yesterday was a typical cold and rainy, ugly, March day in the Midwest!!!! YUCK!
Today the sun is shining and all is good with the world.

Tomorrow starts the classes in St. Louis and Wendy and Cecile are on the way!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you. Come by and say hi, even if you're not in a class. We would love to see you!

Then I'm home for 3 days and take off with my DH for Charleston and Savannah for 9 days, to spend my birthday with Fran and Jim. The azaleas and plantations are calling my name!!!!


OK! I had to do's the cute shoes that I got last week! The girls at the beauty shop WANTED them!!!

Will be back Sunday!


Kim H. said...

Safe travels and Happy Early Birthday! I know you class is going to be a knock out!

kathy said...

loved your rowhouse ROCKED!!!!! can't wait to play again!!!!! next time i'm gonna WIN!!!

one of those crazy st. louis girls.....kathy & jose'

(also....are you okay if i use your rowhouse theme for a couple of gifts.......they will NOT be identical replicas.....thanks linda!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have/had a lovely birthday Linda.
Love - love - love those shoes!!
Gotta get me some of those ..
You'll have to send me more info on them *s*