Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Mini Canvas

Here is what I played with today. Another 3x3 canvas with Spiced Marmalade Crackle Paint.(I will forever remember Tim making Rachel Greig say "marmalade" every time I use that stuff!) Stamps and vintage pictures are from Julie van Oosten's Collections. The wire hanger is just some wire I twisted and stuck in the side of the frame. The crackle has brown acrylic paint rubbed into it as I again had spots fall off my canvas. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I ended up really liking the affect of the paint. I think it's the gesso on the stretched canvas giving me the trouble.

So, I primed my board canvas, shown underneath, with black acrylic and then used the ever popular Peeled Paint over that. And it did not come off!!! Love it! Yea!!! Haven't figured out what to put on that canvas, just like looking at the crackle for awhile....sick person that I am.... and so easily amused.


Jen Crossley said...

Linda I love your way with colours these canvas look awesome.How cool are Julies stamps.Love your work as always

The Artful Eye said...

New to your blog! Love these canvases. I'll be back.
Happy New Year!

Gretz said...

These are wonderful! And is that "my little houses" on the top of your blog? Can't wait for my package from you to arrive!

And as for that cheeky Tim Holtz picking on our Racheal, next time you see him, ask him to say "solder"!


Rachel Greig said...

That's right Greta - and aluminium, bananas, caramel, etc etc etc! There's quite a list now! LOL. I have to say I always laugh when I use Spiced Marmalade too now.

Love the canvases Linda!! Your work is always amazing.

wendy vecchi said...

Looks like you've been busy!
SWEET little canvas!!
Happy 08!