Monday, January 30, 2012

CHA Idea-ology Project - Gypsy Traveler Wagon

I gotta tell ya, I think this was the most audaciously fun project I have EVER done!

I loved it from beginning to end...and believe me, there were many, many changes in the making of this piece.

I want to thank Tim Holtz for his thoughts along the was an engineering project for sure, and my very patient husband Bill with his POWER TOOLS!


I wish I'd taken a picture of this cigar box before I tore it apart. I was covered in yellow paper, with the front doors on paper hinges.

All had to go.

 The front doors open to reveal a diorama inside. I used the Bookcovers Stamp on the door panels.

The Faucet Knobs and Pulley Wheels are AMAZING!!!!

 Tim's new Idea-ology pieces screamed  GYPSY CARAVAN to me...and this looked like a traveling wagon....the Traveler piece of paper from Destinations Paper Stash on the back fit perfectly with the gold star from Vintaj!

 I diecut Metal Foil Tape and used it to frame the Traveler paper.

Diecut Grungepaper was used as skirting around the bottom and painted with Perfect Pearls.

This is a Clock cut from the paper and covered with Distress Inks and Distress Stickles.

More Mini Gears and Mini Numerals on this end piece.

 Bill used a drill press to make some of the holes larger to accommodate the knobs and such. Some things had to be altered to fit. You could use the Drill Punch as well.

The Clock Key on the top is probably one of my favorite new Idea-ology pieces...way cool, and so many possibilities running through my mind.

The pictures in the opening of the cigar box are from the new paper stash.

More Mini Gears are on the tops of painted wooden pieces. The Mini Gears die is used to cut Metal Foil Tape on Grungeboard and colored with Alcohol Inks.

This open shot of the doors show the Salvage Stickers on the inside. Terminology Tissue Wrap is glued to the inside and colored with Distress Inks.

Here is another Clock Key on the end of the Wagon. (so cool) The Mini Numerals are covered with UTEE in various colors.

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This is a great shot from the booth by Kristin Langlais shown here with her permission.

IT MADE MY WHOLE MONTH. When I saw this I gasped...took my breath away!

Thanks Kristin!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this Journey as much as I did. It is a piece I will treasure for a long time.

I had 2 great events this week within our Musical Family. I'll upload some pictures and things when CHA closes and things slow down.

Be Well and CREATE ART!



  1. OMG what an incredible piece of art

  2. Daniele says it! Incredible.. What a fabulous creation. Love those clock keys, I agree they are the best!

  3. What else can I say except STUNNING piece of creativity and engineering! Thanks for showing

  4. I love this so much! It is stunning! Oh great one you did a fabulous job!

    Congrats to you!!!

  5. What a gloriously creative piece - looks like you had a blast making it. Hope you are having as much at CHA - looking forward to photos!


  6. Missie Linda, what can I say? This is a truly jaw dropping project and I've yet to pick my chin up from the floor!! It's absolutely fantastic, all the detail inside and out. I love it A LOT!!

    Take care and sending a big hug from across the pond.
    Lin x

  7. OOOHhhh this is so amazing, all the detail inside and outside so creative.
    I love to come here and see all your fantastic ART.

  8. Totally, wonderfully brilliant - I can feel your enthusiasm and enjoyment bouncing off the screen from over here. Fabulous ideas and amazing details on every inch of this lovely!

  9. oooooh corrrrrrrrr blimey Linda this is absolutely AWESOME, there's soooo much to see and the whole piece is a tribute to vintage gorgeousness... thanks for sharing your amazing talent xx

  10. Hello??? Jaw... meet...ground! Linda, this wagon/diorama is over-the-top staggering-ly stunning! I don't have enough adjectives at hand so I'll just go with a big whopping WOW! Blown away. Seriously. Awesome. Have a great week!

  11. OMG Hun this is just incredible,Just love this to bits,the detail is just out of this world Hun,wow wow and wow hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  12. Oh double WOW I'm speechless this is beyond gorgeous so much detail to look at OMG its amazing, you must be very proud and rightly so, I love to pop in and see your works of art thanks for sharing all you do.


  13. This piece is magnificent, Linda. Very intricate and detailed. You have totally inspired me to dig out all those cigar boxes hiding in my closet.

  14. Linda! Honey - this is a stunning masterpiece!! I am gob smacked (been watching Tamara Coffey too much - LOL)! I am just floored by the amount of detail you put on this gorgeous piece. Heaven! Heaven! I am so in love with it, you, my dear, are a genius!!


    Elaine Allen

  15. OMG this is totally fabulous, love the quirkyness of it, Linda you are a very very talented lady, x

  16. I love cigar box art but you have definitely taken it to another level. This is incredible, Linda!

  17. This is absolutely amazing! Love this!! All of the details are over the top! You did an awesome job on this one! Congrats!

  18. Linda, this is an absolutely amazing piece!!

  19. Linda this is AMAZING!!! Love everything about it! I just wanna know when I can move in....looks somewhere I would love to live!


  20. Thud! My chin hitting the floor. WOW Linda this piece is absolutely incredible. Love all the metal. It's really a feast for the eyes!

  21. No words left to describe this piece, gf. Holy smokes! You rocked the boat and tipped it. Darn! Each side/element is fave is the 2/8 side (b/c that's a special day for me!). Would LOVE to see this in person...I don't think the pics are doing it justice. Man, oh man!

  22. Goodness 1950's roller skate wheels!!
    This is a beautiful piece, I get the excitement.

  23. You are such a Craft Rock Star, Linda! I totally LOVE your Gypsy Wagon.

  24. Linda- what an amazing piece this is!!! I love the new keys and wheels and will be heading over to Joy's site for a fill up! I will also be coming back to look at your gypsy wagon again-so intricate!!!

  25. Dear Linda, your art blows me away. This is a beautiful piece...every detail is perfect. Standing O from me!

  26. This is so cool, you made me drool!
    Amazing linda, amazing xx

  27. Oh my GOSH! This is just stunning! I LOVE it! So creative and original!

  28. Linda, you outdid yourself. It's hard to believe it started out as a cigar box. Very creative thinking.

  29. You have created some very cool pieces in the past and I love your style. But THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! Love the steam punk vibe, the Gypsy thing going on and the fact that it OPENS and there's more stuff inside. I know you had a ton of fun putting it together. Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. WOW! I am speechless......... just gorgeous! I would love to examine this close-up and "study" all the minute details sometime. PLEASE bring it with you when you teach classes! This piece really showcases your true genius!

  31. Linda!!! YOU ARE SIC! This is about the coolest thing I have ever seen!!! OMG! I am still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor. OMG! A cigar box??? Seriously.....
    Girl, you were INSPIRED when you created this!!! It is pure D-Fabulous! I am sooo glad that I have ordered all of those cool Ideaology parts and the Destingations paper in!! You used everyone on of those elements to showcase their amazing potential! LOVE IT! <3 Candy

  32. Wow! Wow! This is an utterly fantastic piece, just over the top! I LOVE it!

  33. OMG Linda - that is just awesome!!!!

  34. Just incredible Linda, As soon as I saw it I had to Pin it!!!
    Must be so fun creating with Tims new goodies! Lucky gal you!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  35. You are so creative,your piece is amazing. I keep looking at the pictures and I find something new every time. I can't believe all of the detail, what an awesome work of art. You should be so proud of your piece, it is incredible. Great job!

  36. I don't have enough good words in my vocabulary to express how totally awesome this is!!! WOW!!! Over the top fantastic!!!

  37. This is truly a work of art! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing - and yes, you most definitely should be very proud of this!!! It's amazing!!

  38. I know I already commented, but it must be said again....
    This is so fantastic...I just love it. I can not wait to get some of those pulleys and washer handles.

    GREAT GREAT job!!!

  39. This is one of my favorite piece of all time!!! Saw it on Pinterest and realized I had never come to see it on your blog. You are such an inspiration, Linda!

  40. This is really amazing! I wish it was mine! I wish I could make things like this!

  41. WOW! Wish you would do a tutorial on this. Thanks for inspiration. Anita

    1. The magazine Cloth Paper Scissors has complete instructions in an article I wrote for their Assemblage issue.

  42. Marvelous. I hope you don't mind, but I posted about this in my blog:

    If you would like for me to remove it, just say the word.


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