Monday, October 10, 2011

Great time at CCC in Elmhurst!

It's been awhile since I blogged.

The weather here has been unbelievably gorgeous. Bill and I had a really nice trip up North this weekend where I taught to some of the finest people I know!!!!

Creative Cuts and Crafts is the best place to have fun! It's in an area with a Bakery next Claudia, bless her heart comes in with 2 big boxes of rolls!

 And Linda, well you can't say enough nice things about Linda.  Brilliant ARTIST and just an outstanding host! There's always food and drinks to keep us going.

The local places for lunch are great and the bike path is a beautiful place for Bill to walk off the roll and coffee he had.

What can I say about how the classes went?.....being this was the "virgin" class, first time taught is always a little edgy!

BUT where else would I rather go to teach this V class than my friends at CCC?

They are soooooooo great!!!! And I think I can say, they went off without a hitch! YAY!

Linda Polaretzki sent me pics of her 2 projects

I was so busy the whole time chatting or "working the room" that I didn't take a single picture! But Linda P, my proofreader friend....she used to do it for a living.....graciously sent me a picture of her finished pieces from 2 classes!!!!

She used her own photos, most people did, and it turned out fantastic!!!!!

You would not believe the great pictures they brought to put in their Standing Curios!

 It was amazing to hear the stories that went with each one.

Great time with old friends, and met some amazing new friends, too.

And the Graphic 45 door prizes....Christmas stamps, metal flowers, envelopes, etc seemed to make a few people smile as well.

Thanks to Linda and Claudia for all the wonderful help....worth a trip from anywhere!

And thanks to all the students who just help each other out, who sent emails or FB comments to tell me they had a good time and loved what they made. whammies and smiling faces is the best you can ask for, and I think we got that!

Thursday Erin and I get to see WICKED in Peoria!!! I've seen it before with Michelle in Chicago, but we're really lucky to have it come to Peoria this year. Should be Great!!!

On to Ankeny, Iowa Memory Bound next week!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going there, too! The same kind of people who just have a great time and help each other enjoy the classes!

I'll try to remember to take some pics!

Your Friend in ART,


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Marijane said...

Great to meet you and take a class in Elmhurst Friday night! I just LOVE the project we made and can't wait to try the techniques again. I so wish I could have attended the classes on Saturday, and anxiously await the time I can take another of your classes. You are a GREAT teacher. Thanks!