Thursday, January 27, 2011

More CHA "Full Peeks" for Tim and Ranger

Can you stand to see another piece I made for Tim's booth for CHA? Don't want to bore you, but here is one more. This is with the Ranger Foil Metal Tape. This is right up there with my favorite new product ever!!!! You will not believe the possibilities of this fantastic new line. For all new products here check them out on Tim's Blog for pictures and descriptions.

This is run through the Vagabond (best thing I ever bought) with the Damask Texture Plate. The black acrylic paint is painted on and then wiped off when still slightly wet. Buff off and it's just that COOL!

I used a wooden shadow box frame sprayed with Adirondack Red Pepper Color Wash. Then I used black acrylic paint in the the recessed area.

I sanded the edges to distress a bit. Added the new Journeyman Tissue Tape from Tim, and glued a piece of black satin trim all around the outside. A Curio Knob on top added a bit of dimension with a round piece of wood.

The inside is very hard to get a good shot of, but you can see a new Pen Nib with the word on it, Accoutrements with Alcohol Inks, new Kraft Resist paper in the background, and Film Strip Ribbon attached with the Tiny Attacher in the background.

I also used some new Bingo Game Pieces painted black and my favorite old photo from the Lost and Found Paper Stash. The paper in the back is from Tim's new Crowded Attic collection.

Done, done and done. I really love this Foil Tape more than you can imagine. It is wonderfully shiny, and the sticky back makes it a dream to work with. You will LOVE it.

Enjoy.....what's your favorite product so far? Let me know. Need to start thinking about making classes, so tell me what you want to do!



  1. You never bore me Linda. It is such a joy to follow your blog. Love the shadow box.

  2. Amazed as ALWAYS!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the Kraft Resist paper!!

  3. Never bored Linda.....bring it on, am so Annette x

  4. Linda -

    GORGEOUS! You rock!

    Elaine Allen

  5. Bored? - never!!!

    That foil is just fab - can't wait for it to hit retailers in the UK along with all the other fab new stuff. The Shadow box it a beautiful project.

    Toni :o)

  6. Love that foil tape, that shadow box would be a fun class! Thanks for the inspiration, loving all of these new products.

  7. what a fabbie shadow box, love the metal frame
    have fun

  8. Can't wait to see the tape IRL...but I really really love the pen nibs and the fact that they have words on them!! TFS!

  9. You? Boring.....NEVER my dear!
    Share all you want, we will be here checking all your fantastic fun ART!

    Love your shadow box. May I ask where you find that kind of shadow box?

    Thank you so much for sharing the WHOLE thing! We like that very much!

  10. Really cool. Would love a class on the foil tape and combining it with metal from TSS. Way cool projects and can't wait to see more of them.

  11. oh wow hun,your creativity is just amazing this is one stunning shadow box,just love it hugs cheryl xxx

  12. love love love this!!! thank you so much for sharing!! you inspire me soo much!

  13. Linda - I am enjoying all these products that you are sharing - the details are fantastic and you gotta love Tim and Ranger products - are there any that are better!!! Share lots from CHA!

  14. LOVE it! Ranger has really come out with some goodies this time, but I'm really anxious to get some of that metal! (class hint, lol)
    Check it out - my security word is unistaxi - a taxi with one wheel? Or is it a unisex taxi? I'll stop there.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this....I must get some of that tape and give it a try!!!

  16. I took a Tim Holts class a couple years ago and he used Ten Seconds Studio's Metal Tape sheets. Since then I've been using ten seconds metal tape sheets on all mhy projects. I just love them!

  17. Boy, did you nail THIS one, too! Love all the ways you're using the new Ideaology elements! Love the metal and heirloom vintage mixed. Really a neat piece!


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