Thursday, August 19, 2010

Studio...all cleaned up and ready; get messy!

Sometimes you just have to step back and life, your dreams, your relationships....and your STUDIO! Life's too short to waste your time doing things that make you something that you're not.

So just go with the flow, hang with the people that love you, and "Follow your own who you are." I will make that into a stamp someday. Drew it up and threw it out there, but never followed through. Not enough hours in the day.

So I have the Studio the way I like it, somewhat. It could be better, but lots of stuff was put away, some into the circular file, and we're ready to Rock and Roll.
This AMAZING beauty was given to me by my dear friend Deb's husband Gary!!! Don't you just LOVE it???? Definitely "me" and definitely a Work of ART. He handmakes these pens, and the woodworking is out of this world. The inlay is, love, love it!!!! THANKS GARY!!!!

Took down the cubby I'd bought at Archiver's years ago, and decided to put new labels on my inks and stuff them in there....right on my desktop. Wish I had more of these organizers...I got the last one that day. For those who check out know who you are...I do have more colors, but I go to these the most. Nothing is set in flexible and bend with the wind.

Check out the Ranger blog for printable labels for your inks of all kinds!!! SO COOL! I used the hubby's label maker only because I had some already done, but Ranger's is too cool and too easy!

This side of the studio shows how I was using it before I got into has some of my watercolors on the walls. And it has the 1st collage I made with stamping!!! Keep it there to remind me how I've changed, but remain the same.
Still LOVE collage in everything. The CREATE sign was done with found objects and acrylic paints from Golden. Great paints, too.

Be well and be good to each other.....
OH, see the chair...that was from my previous life of using Bright Metallic Paints on fabric....has to be at least 10 years old I as the chair says..


  1. Wow - looks like there's room for us all. I'm on my way, lol!

  2. Wow fabulous room! Thanks for sharing looks like a fabulous place to relax and create!

  3. that is one serious cool crafting room....can I come over and play

  4. Very cool! Love it when things are organized, even for just 5 minutes, lol! Looks wonderful, and so inspirational to fill it with your own art...

  5. ok, transport it here... will save me tidying up! lol great space :)

  6. Gorgeous space! Mine will never look nice but it's functional and works for me. Have in the cap city tomorrow!

  7. OMG Linda, I want to come to your house to play.

  8. great studio, want to come organize mine????

  9. So fun, thanks for a peek into your studio :)


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