Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can you say RANGER U!

Just a small note here. After a great class today with my peeps in Bloomington (pictures tomorrow) where I received a fabulous birthday gift from a terrific artist.....I checked my email and low and behold.......

You have been accepted to attend the June 2009 Session of Ranger U.

I about died! They said you'd be notified within a week of the deadline and it was last Friday, so I thought, oh well, there's always next year. (like the Cubs!)
But is my lucky day......

And my mom's birthday. She would have been 89 today.


  1. Congratulations Linda! I would LOVE to go to Ranger U. You will have to share all about it upon your return.

  2. A great big congratulations, Linda!! You SO deserve to go!!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Congratulations Linda! How FANTASTIC!

  4. Be prepared for a wonderful INKY experience.
    It's like being a 5 year old on Christmas day!
    Just let me say one thing...

  5. I have to say...I'm envious!! You will have a wonderful time....

  6. Ranger U is fun, informative and you get to play and take home goodies. Have fun!

  7. What great mail and news to have received! You are gonna SOOOO LOVE IT all!

  8. You are one lucky woman - ahhhh Ranger U.... Have a fabulous time - see your Mom is watching over you!

  9. I say, you are not lucky. You are deserving and overdue! It's about time! You should be teaching at Ranger U! Tim Holtz should hire you himself! Can't help but believe your Mom had something to do with the timing though! How special. Congratulations Linda! I'm so proud of you!

  10. Holy Moly!! You totally deserve this---bet you can't wait. Of course, I'm jealous.....and can't wait to see what you come home with!!!

  11. OMG!!!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! COngratulations indeed!!!! So deserved!!!


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