Friday, October 13, 2017

Italian Sage Relief Art Box for Inkpads

This project resulted in my breaking down and finally buying more ink pads. This time it's the Distress Oxide ones from Tim Holtz.

I have waaaaayyyyy too much "happy crap" in my Studio, and I've been TRYING to declutter and get rid of lots of it.

I wish I could figure out what to do with all the "projects" sitting on all my shelves around the place...but that's for another day.

This was a simple drawer box I picked up while on vacation in Minnesota - the one rainy day we went shopping.

I used the wonderful Iron Orchid Designs moulds and paper clay to create some dimension, then glued them on with Soft Matte Gel when they're still wet. If you've never worked with these moulds, you've got to try them. So easy, and very'll want to put them on everything. Nothing is safe!!!

 I painted the entire box with a paint I picked up that I just couldn't refuse. Like I need more paint, but this was a gorgeous Italian Sage color....need I say more.

Then I kind of got lost in the process of adding a wash of black acrylic paint and water, and using the Metallique paints to accent the edges and reliefs. The older paper clay created cracks that I really liked.

The whole reason to buy the box was to create a very minimal area on my desktop to store my new ink pads. I think it worked.

Listed below are some links to Retro Cafe Art for some of the products.

I love the contrast of the golds and the scruffy, vintage-looking background that started with a simple layer of paint.

What do you think?!?!

Your Friend in ART,

Products Used:
Acryic Paints-Black and Italian Sage
Soft Matte Gel
Crafts Direct Unfinished Drawer Box


Helen said...

Storage is always a good idea! I love that sage colour, and the flourishes on the side of the box look fantastic. Good luck with your de-clutter!

Joi at RR said...

Breathtaking Linda. Your ink pads live in a EXQUISITE PAVILION! Xj.

roth phallyka said...
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Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Super stunning box! The molds you used are absolutely perfect!

kathleen codyrachel said...

Oh I love this so much !!! Whether a drawer like you have or a cigar box - there's great ideas here to use in so many ways ! Thank you for not only making a beautiful piece but for taking time to tell us how it was done and what you used!!!💖

mamablitger said...

Linda you create the most amazing art with IOD molds. I LOVE your result. You manage to create some genuine looking vintage and steampunk art pieces.
Thank you for sharing your fabulous art. You are truly a source of inspiration. Thank you also for explaining the creative proces. .
Big hug from Monica

Chrissy said...

Beautiful work and I giggled at "happy crap". I know the feeling all to well!

Rosetta Savage-Jenkins said...

Oh my Lord! Linda, you sure know how to create a masterpiece. You making me pull out my moulds. Ok, won't use the glue gun this time. No box is safe in my house now! Oops, I see one😉