Friday, January 29, 2016

Steampunk Hearts and Gears Tag

If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen the fabulous collection 
I recently received from 
to work on projects for our Creative Team.


Again, if you know me at all, it takes a lot to leave me speechless, 
but this collection did just that.

The Mechanicals are Works of ART created
to look exactly like authentic pieces of 
Vintage metal ephemera.

I LOVE them.

I cut out a plain piece of cardboard with a tag die a long time ago and added
some distress stains along the edges. Then set it aside for a year....

So I knew it was dry, right? 

Anyway, I painted it with Heavy White Gesso and glued on some
chipboard cut-outs 
 from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

I actually used a Honeycomb Bit as a stencil to apply Modeling Paste and 
as added pieces on the Hearts.

Then I added a coat of Gesso again. You can see how the stains came through 
the gesso and that was cool.

Next step is to add Clear Gloss Gel to the tag in sections and then add the 
Mica Powders on top. You can also mix the gel and powder on your
kraft mat and make a paint.

I used Black Cherry, Deep Water, Pink, Gold, Pale Silver and Purple.

The next thing I did was add some spots of white paint. 

I used Black Micro Beads, Glass Glitter and Glitter to fill in spots. And last is 
the Heavy Black Gesso on the high points of the pieces and edges.

Here are a few pieces that came right out of the package looking like this.

The upper piece is a Rustic Washer, there are 3 Mini Stars, the large piece is a Rusty Gear with a smaller Steampunk Gear on top.

And the adorable steampunky heart is a Tin Heart.

Simple as inks or paints. Some are shiny and some have a rusty finish on them that does not rub off...just in case you were wondering.

This is a picture of my stash. It's all the new collections that will be 
shipping January 30th.

So ask your local and on-line stores to get busy and order some of
these great new pieces.

(you can see the 12 new Mechanicals sets here from Prima)

And start Creating ART.



Helen said...

Hi Linda - so many great new things to look forward too! Glad that tag you started so long ago finally got it's "top dressing" it deserves! Have a great weekend.

Sharon Y said...

Linda, these new mechanicals look fabulous and so does your tag. The chip pieces are the perfect layering pieces to the metal. Look forward to more of your creations with these.

Margaret said...

love the tag, yummy layers

Debby said...

Gorgeous as usual! Thanks for sharing!

Candy C said...

Awesome, Linda. I can tell you're really excited about those new Finnabair products. They are gorgeous. You did a fabulous job on your tag.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

I love the way you combined/layered the chipboard pieces! xoxo

janine stegman said...

wow - you would not be able to tell those aren't real pieces if you didn't tell us. i absolutely love the finished piece.