Friday, November 13, 2015

Vintage Wooden Houses

You all know what it's like when your "Muse" leaves got ideas, no thoughts...NOTHING.

Well, that's where I was. And then, sitting there, looking at the walls of my Studio, seeing projects that I really love, several seemed to have a general "theme". 


It's what I started with 8 years ago, and so today, I go back to my roots and create what always makes me happy....Little Assemblage Art Houses.

Hope you enjoy.

My husband and I spent several days tearing apart a bunk-bed to upcycle it into a laundry basket cabinet, so we had lots of leftover wood scraps. I asked Bill to cut 3 houses with different heights and roofs plus a base.  Here's how they were created.

I start by covering the houses with Heavy Black Gesso on all sides.

Then I look through my Vintage Collectibles for pictures and papers to use. The Soft Matte Gel will work to glue to the houses.

Next I lay out some Mechanicals, Wood Icon pieces, a Vintaj piece, a pipe fitting brace, and other ephemera for a start. As always, some will stay, and some will go, but this is a starting point.

I used a punch to cut out the picture of the little girl, and 3D Matte Gel to glue into the Pendant. I also add color and shadows with pens to the children's pictures. 

The Sunrise Sunset 6x6 Paper Pad is perfect for this project.  Here I used Distress Inks to add more color and one of the Lace and Doily Clear Stamps. 

Each piece is cut, Distress Inked, stamped and edged with Glaze Pens. I cut the papers just a tiny bit smaller so a black border is created on the blocks. The Clear Stamp Doorway is on the front section, and the tiny Doily is from the Lace and Doily set.

This was cut one of the Post Cards from the Ephemera Pack Papers that has Distress Inks and Mica Powders+Water sprayed on for some shine.

The Ruler in the Wood Icon set is so cool when you add various Orange and Brown Distress Ink. It looks very old and vintage.

This is some sort of pipe fitting (I think) from my stash of found objects. The paper is one of my favorites from the pack.

This shows what a difference several layers of Distress Inks can do to a piece of rather white paper. On the left is the before....the right is the after.  You can make any paper the color you want with just a bit of ink.

Here is the paper from the Collectibles that I cut the little girl from. The other 2 children are just too sweet for words.

More Distress Inks and gathering of objects from my stash. The clear stamps Notes and Messy are stamped lots of Distress Inks are used.

For the metal pieces I paint them with Black Gesso first and them use Soft Gloss Gel+Mica Powder as a paint to add color. Here is a snap and a grate from Plated Labels.

You can see the Wings Mechanicals, a child from the Vintage Collectibles and a piece of a Wood Icon here that I covered with Mica Powder+Soft Gel paint and some Inka Gold. The Vintaj-Deco Window Filigree creates the frame. I also rubbed Copper Inka Gold onto the Wings. 

 Blue and Purple Mica Powder+Soft Gel paint and Inka Golds are added to the metal pieces for more color. The Plated Label Explore is left in it's original color. 

I placed the 3 houses on a scrap of wood that I added some Distress Ink color to, and painted the edges of the piece with Black Gesso. The Ruler is glued on with 3D Matte Gel. It really looks cool with the black coming through the cut-out numbers. 

That's it for today. Check out the links below for the products I used, and as always, ask any questions you have as well as leave your thoughts here and on the 

Be Well,


Finnabair Products:
Brush Set
Heavy Black Gesso
Sunrise Sunset 6x6 Paper Pack

Other Products Used:
Vintaj-Deco Window Filigree 
Distress Inks
Sharpie White Extra Fine Poster Paint Pen
Jet Black Archival Ink
Inka Golds-Turquoise, Copper, Green Yellow, and Gold
Prima-Natures Garden 6x6 Paper Pack


S@ndy Diller said...

It always pays to go back to your roots. These are wonderful!!

Kim Collister Studio said...

I adore your houses! They are one of my favorite things as well. Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me to add these to my ever long list of "things I NEED to do". :)

Janny's Cards Creations said...

Wow Great work. Janny

Kathy Bradley said...

I love, love these most wonderful and adorable houses you have created - from the wooden structures, colors, papers and metals - each item is perfect. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Just as awesome as you are!!!! Fantastic ❤️

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, these are incredible! All the changes made with your techniques, the colours, placement, the fantastic 3d .... I could go on but wouldn't credit enough. I have totally lost my "muse" as you put it. Even if it came back, I could never create as you do. All you do, hard to believe you lose muse. I'll be honest, I am really envious, in a good way of course. Kudos!

Barbara Rankin said...

Awesome. I want to make some too! LOL Thanks for the inspiration.

memorial garden benches said...

Those are wonderful! I love them! Incredible!

Elena Litvinova said...

very beautiful