Saturday, June 28, 2014

July 4th Tags and GO USA!

Two things here.
 First:  The USA made it to the next round at The World Cup!!!!!
We ARE a Soccer Family with my son being a goalie in HS and College and now his 2 girls playing on traveling teams. That having been said, we are glued to the TV watching most of the matches.
Second:  We've been traveling most of the month and just got back from a trip to Door County, Wisconsin. So I've not been in the Studio to make a 4th of July tag or project.
Therefore, in honor of the USA in The World Cup, and July 4th, I'm posting a couple of my favorite tags from the past on my blog.

This one has a step-out and products list  here  if you'd like to take a look.

Love the Scrabble pieces and wooden stars here.

The 2 large wooden stars are layered together. One is colored with markers, and the other one has Disco Ball BeaDazzles glued on.
These beads were from the Uber-Talented Suze, but are sadly discontinued at Ranger. I hoarded a couple of jars!

This tag is from last year and has Crackle Paint and Distress Markers on it.
I used embossed metal foil on die-cut stars as well.
I've loved watching all the countries from around the world compete in the World Cup. Some are gone, and some remain. It still amazes me how, for the most part, the men are good to each other, friendly and helpful.....after the whistle blows.
Good sportsmanship is great to see.
Good luck to everyone. Especially the Men in Red White and Blue!!!
Be Well and Be Good to Each Other.


Helen said...

Always nice to revisit old projects of yours, go USA indeed, good for them progressing. Happy 4th for next week.

Maura said...

Like them both!

Judy Dewitt said...

gorgeous xx