Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintaj Patina Embossed Earrings

It's an ugly day here, and I've been wanting to make some earrings for quite a while with the Brass Blanks and Embossing Folders from Vintaj.

I thought I'd give the Patina's a try and see what happens.

I had 4 - 22mm Brass Blanks and used 2 here to experiment. I decided to try them again and got 2 different images the second time. I used the Moonlit Night Embossing Folder.
You just place the blank in the folder as shown and run it through an Embossing Maching as directed.
I used the Metal Reliefing Block to sand and polish them. This shows a good image of a before on the left and an after on the right when you use this wonderful tool.
 (these pieces already came embossed. I just used them here to show you the difference the block makes.)

Next I painted in the backgrounds. Don't be too worried about covering up a bit of the reliefing. You can sand it down again when it's dry.

Then I turned it over and used the Wood Dapping Block to bend and shape the pieces. The Dapping does not hurt the paint.
A hole is already punched in the blanks making it very simple to add an ear wire or jumpring for a charm.

This was the result after I polished them up again. I just added them to a set of earwires that came with a copper ball!
Try this easy technique. I used my Vagabond, but there are several embossing machines that work perfectly for this project.
You can find the Patina's at Inspiration Emporium and use my iecain code for 10% off. The Embossing Folders are sold at Sizzix here.


chuewanita said...

Oh Linda, I'm so glad you did this tutorial!! I have wanted to dabble in the Vintaj line for a few months but just cant seem to jump right in and give it a go... I hope to see more about this line, Thanks a bunch for posting LOVE IT!!!!

chuewanita said...

AKA: Lisa Stanislav

Wanda H said...

These are beautiful, Linda!!! I think I need to make me a pair!!!

butterfly said...

They're fab! Now I'm yearning for a Dapping Block!!
Alison x

barbarayaya62 said...

Beautiful idea! love these! I'll try it! barbarayaya

Anonymous said...

They are lovely!

Bolin said...

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JackieP Neal said...

Love these earrings! Your colours are perfect for my complexion and I'm sure these would look lovely on me! heehee Really beautiful Linda!