Friday, June 21, 2013

GREAT NEWS! Paper Artsy Fresco Paints and Stamps are here in the USA!!!!

All you people who have been salivating over the fabulous Fresco Paints and Lynne Perrella, Jofy, and Hot Picks Stamps.....well they are HERE in the USA!
Fran the Frantic Stamper  has all the colors you could ever want...and Treasure Gold...and Grunge Paste...OH!
 These are just two examples of the Fresco Paints, Grunge Paste and Stamps from PaperArtsy.
They are a perfect combination with the Retro Cafe Art pieces....PERFECT!
I use the Gears shown here all the time..Mini 60.
I LOVE them all, but the new ones she has in from Lynne Perrella are just drop-dead gorgeous!
So check them out, and send an order to Fran...I'm betting they'll go fast.


Mo said...

Hah! I checked on the Frantic Stamper site just by chance and there was Paper Artsy! My credit card is still out cold from my order. Lol.
Thanks for answering my question - my locket is now beautifully gold with colorful highlights. Now for the stamping. Choosing blue for your hand makes it really striking. I agree Lynne Perella's stamps are irresistible. Thanks.

Valya said...

Linda, your creativeness is astounding! This is just fantastic! :))

sam21ski said...

YAY that's fab Linda and great news for Mr & Mrs PaperArtsy, but when are we going to get the Retro Cafe Art pieces over here in the UK?????

Sam xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

You are so right about the perfect combo of RCA and PA! I am in the UK, but to hell with postage those RCA treasures are a must have! Love that hand! What you have done with the colour and stamping is truly amazing! I have ordered one from Kristin and can't wait to use my Frescos on it! Julie Ann :)

Kay Wallace said...

I have to "hand" it to you, Linda, this is fantastic! Truly!

Elaine A said...

Sure Linda, feed my addiction! LOL! All kidding aside, thanks for the heads up.

Elaine Allen

Linda said...

Hi Linda. We met at the Dyan Reaveley workshops in Moline. I am curious about the Fresco paints. Are they comparable to Golden's fluids, or thicker, or what? Thanks. Linda Crowe -