Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest Designer Project with Ryn's Stamps

My new Friend in ART is Ryn Tanaka from London, Ontario.

I think what she's written about herself on her site says it best.

"Although Designs by Ryn currently focuses on Rubber Art Stamps, I dabble in many different art forms. Keeps things fresh and my mind inventive! I find that one passion crosses over to the next adding a different spin to it.

For example, through experiencing various dance forms I discovered how the body bends and applied movement to my visual art. In 2004, I was lucky enough to apprentice with a silversmith in Cuenca, Ecuador. There I discovered that jewellery is simply miniature sculpture - I also developed an insatiable thirst for exploring more of the world. My latest interest in designing Rubber Art Stamps has shown me that they are not all that different from Printmaking."

I, too am a dabbler, and can appreciate this in others.

So I agreed to pick a couple of stamps from her collection and make a piece.

These water droplets blew me away!!!!!

Now, I don't know why I picked the moths to go with water droplets, but I did.

First I stamped the moth 2 times and embossed with white embossing powder.

Then I used Distress Inks to add base colors....purples and oranges. They combine to make a green color in the middle.

I made 3 tags...and stamped things just slightly different on them.

Here you see the drops straight up and down.

I liked the ones going sideways the best.

And some background drops are stamped with Venetian Orange Archival ink as well as the Jet Black.

The white pen makes the drops stand out when used on the black drops.

One tag I used a very small tipped black pen, and the other a slightly larger one.

Extra black pen around some drops just didn't work for me....IJS.

I really liked how the happy accident with the white embossing powder highlighted the top moth on this tag. Almost like a ghost image.

I outlined the moths in black pen and added dots to one tag.

I used black Glaze Pen on the other tag with stitching marks.

Then I glued it to a piece of black chipboard....and.added more strands of white pen.

If there's one thing I've learned, is not everyone likes the same I put up both tags for you look at.

Also, everyone has an opinion...which is a good thing. That's how we learn...truly!

I was going to add a ribbon, but I found I just loved the way they looked without one.

I just couldn't bear to cover up any part of the tag.....

This stamped image was colored with Distress Markers and topped with Glossy Accents.

Just another way to use the Moth Stamp.

So check out Ryn's lovely stamps...and let me know which tag you like.

Your Friend in ART,



Kathyk said...

Simply stupendous tags - loving those droplets too, very creative


Inkypinkycraft said...

The tag is amazing and I lve love those drlets Thayer are wonderful!! Trace x

Netty said...

Loving your wonderful tags, such fab designs. Annette x

Majo said...

Wow, love them all, but the first one is my fav!


Elaine A said...

Hi Linda -

I love ALL the tags! Each is unique in its own way. I think they are just beautiful. What a great idea to incorporate the moth with the droplets, it works! The droplets are just so real looking. You've done a fabulous job and Ryn's stamps are simply beautiful.

Elaine Allen

SusanK said...

Wow! The tag is uber gorgeous! Now to check out your guest designer!

Marijane said...

These are all just gorgeous! I couldn't believe the water droplets weren't real. My favorite is the second one... a bit simpler yet stunning! I have to check out Ryn's stamp line for myself now.

Linda M. Cain said...

Me too! I like it better because the drops are going sideways and look more real!

Susan said...

Both tags are spectacular! If I had to choose, I'd pick the one with sideways droplets. Thanks for the heads up on these stamps - her designs are fabulous and unlike any I've seen.

Ryn Tanaka said...

Linda, you did such a lovely job with my stamps!!! If I had to pick a favorite I would say that I like the sideways droplets best as well. Great idea to add a white shine to the top of the droplets. It adds to the 3D effect! The colors that you chose for the background pop out the stamps and give life to the tags. Beautiful work! It's been an honor to work with you and to be showcased on your blog :)
Your Friend in Art,

judith@poppy cottage said...

Gorgeous tags Linda, they really are stunning. I am a fan of Ryn's stamps as well, I have a few, and the water droplets happily is one of them! She is a very talented designer. I do like the water droplets going sideways, Judith xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Linda, Stunning tags, I love what you did with the water droplets. Hard to pick a favourite, I love them all. I also design for Ryn, I love her work, she is a talented artist and a very sweet lady ! Have a great weekend, Shirley

Art By Wanda said...

Linda, I like everything you do!!!! Which tag do I like best... tough... I'm thinking the one without the white swirls added (this is after looking back and forth a few times)... of course when I saw the one with the white swirls first I thought, that's cool... funny, huh!!!! On my way to check out her stamps.

krcmasterpiece said...

Those drops are so real looking! I had to enlarge each picture so I could study the detail of each one. They all are gorgeous!

Dottie said...

Amazing!! I can't believe how real those droplets look. The depth and dimension is unbelievable.

Lori said...

Wow, must check out the water drops....AMAZING!!!! Just love the moth tag...really really cool!

Shoshi said...

Absolutely stunning tags. This is real quality stuff! I have simply got to get that stamp... The water droplets look so realistic! Thanks for sharing.


Sarn said...

Came over to see you from Shoshi's blog. These are just gorgeous xxx

Unknown said...

What beautiful work, Just outstanding. Will follow your blog!

Loisschimpf said...

Can't believe I already own that droplet stamp but haven't used it yet! Thanks for the inspiration--the tag is incredible! Lois