Friday, November 18, 2011

A Busy Week

WOW! It's been a whole week since I've blogged!

We've been busy around here, cleaning up the garden and yard for winter.

Lunching with our friends in Lincoln.

Shopping and installing a new 42" LED TV in the bedroom. (got a real education with THAT adventure). Bill is genius when it comes to fishing a wall PERFECTLY for the cable!!!

I was extremely impressed!

Then I programmed it...yes, I did quite well even if I do say so myself. I learned a lot when I put in the DVR in my Studio.

One night earlier this week, I was working in the Studio, and out of my window, I saw the most glorious MOON!

So, to cut the chance of worst enemy it seems....I opened the window and got this cool shot going through the trees! More like Halloween than Thanksgiving, but I'll take it!

Erin had a school project due this week using the Mayan Indians for various project, recipe, report....etc. And this is what she made with clay.

I did help a bit with the idea....these are all canvases covered with a really cool soft, air-dry clay!

Two 8x8 canvas boards on the bottom, then a 6", a 5", a 4", 2-3x3, and 2-2x2" canvases glued together. The top piece is just a square of clay in the top piece.

She really did a fantastic job!!! So proud of her!!!

 FUN TIME together!!!!

Today I decided I'd cleaned out enough closets and drawers in the last few days....7 bags to Goodwill!

I thought it was time to get out the half-done Graphic 45 Christmas Emporium project and work on that for awhile.....

So I dragged out a bunch of stash and hoped for inspiration.

It's still a work in progress, but I've been taking pictures along the way, so perhaps a TUTORIAL will be in the near future.....STAY TUNED!

Then in mid-afternoon....Bill brought up the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!YAY!!!! What a treat!!!!!!

My Trinket Case and Cargo Case from Tim Holtz!

Already loaded up some of the things in the Trinket Case....still giving some thought to the Cargo Case.

I really think they need some I'm working on that thought, too!

Taking in easy, reading on the sunporch, and relaxing for a few weeks has been wonderful.

So that's the weekly update here from me.

Monday it's back to the dentist to check on the root canal and another tooth.

"Getting old ain't for Sissies" ~Betty Davis



Cheryl said...

morning hun oh,just love what your daughter created,it looks amazing,no wonder you are proud of her,love your cases hun they look,awesome take care hugs cherylxxxx
oh well done on getting the tv sorted too,I am hoping to get a new one soon,but will have to do it all myself my hubbie never touches,DIY no painting shelves I have to do it all myself,hugs cherylxxx

Tara C. said...

I love to open the mail to some wonderful like that!!! I too have been clean and finishing up some projects!!! I love the Mayan project -- it looks more like where my supplies go to as my 10 & 7 yr old come first!! Can't wait for the tutorial!!! Enjoy your family for the holiday!!!

misteejay said...

Love the photo - great effect.

The cases are super.

Toni xx

Marijane said...

I can't wait to see what you do with Christmas Emporium Graphics 45 paper! It is my favorite holiday paper this year... so vintage and so cute. Seems like it would be perfect for you.