Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a few more pictures of New Orleans

The Angels of New Orleans fascinate me. This is another one, and someone asked which cemetery we were in, and all I can remember is they have numbers and this is number 5. Sorry. Should have taken notes, but I didn't.

But this is the interesting part to MUST not open the mausoleum for a year and a day after the last entombment. Therefore, if someone ELSE in the family plot dies, they are STORED in the area in this picture.

It was likened to a microwave in the tomb, by the guide, since the summers are so hot, it really bakes the person. Then they're swept up and put in a niche leaving room for the next member's wooden coffin to be placed in the entry room for a year and a day.

Very different from the burials in the Midwest.

The park we visited was completely restored after Katrina by volunteers from all over the world. Trees replanted, gardens restored....and it's amazing. This it one of the columns at the park.

We also visited the World War II Museum in downtown NO. This is my sailor walking around in the Naval area. The movie shown in 4D there with Tom Hanks is a must. Sad, overwhelming, but a must. It will make you cry, but be so proud and happy to live in America. The sacrifice was something we all should know.

And speaking of Movie Stars..........yes, we ran in to Nick Cage in the French Quarter about 5 hours before he was arrested!!! He was in the building behind where we ate dinner at Ralph and Kacoos...and some of our friends saw him. I didn't.

They are making a movie there with him and I kid you not....they said the name is Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer.....of course you never believe anything from Hollywood. They change the name when they're ready.

Some more of the French Quarter and the carriages that line the streets. All very colorful and newly painted. It was a treat to see how the area it coming back. All the ironwork is wonderful.

And yes, I had oysters and shrimp.....piles of shrimp!!!

One of 4 only in the world of a certain table and chairs for playing cards at the plantation.

And the hand carved ceiling piece and chandelier.


The beds fascinated me at the plantation. See the with the ROLLING PIN on the detached so you could ROLL the feather bed smooth when you made it up.

The one on the top has the netting that surrounds the bed at night. A necessity during Yellow Fever times.

This is a marble hand-carved tub that weighs a ton. Thieves tried to steal it when the Plantation was unoccupied. They had a winch to lift it into at truck, but when authorities caught them, they dropped it....see the chip on the bottom?

This is Bill and Harry after the Mardi Gras dinner and dance we attended, hence the beads around their necks.

And lastly, Bill and I at the plantation under the large Live Oak tree hundreds of years old. (the tree, not us!)

So my message to you all is to visit New Orleans. It's alive, well, and a wonderful place to see. The people are wonderful. The food is amazing. The gorgeous sky scrapers are so cool to see. Many, many were damaged, with windows completely wiped out...but you would never know it now.

The Super Dome is so big and overpowering, it does not look real. It looks more like a Spaceship that just landed in the middle of town. ALL restored.

And for those who like to gamble...there's Harrah's HUGE Casino.

Take care and have a great week. Got some new Tim goodies from Joy and Jay to play with....back to the real world.

Classes were nearly full at Creative Cuts and Crafts  in Elmhurst before I left...REALLY!!! So thrilled. Can't wait to see you there!!!!



Helen said...

I have enjoyed yur trip to New Orleans, and it is obvious you have too!

misteejay said...

I have loved following every minute of your experience and the photos are such a super keepsake.

Toni :o)

connie said...

Thanks for sharing with everyone your trip to New Orleans and your positive words. I am from Baton Rouge and so many times all anyone hears is the bad about our state and New Orleans!! I am so glad you enjoyed your visit.

Connie Melancon

Jenny and Jimbob said...

OOOh nicholas cage! sounds like you are having a fab time!

Sharon said...

Hi Linda, thanx for the tour. Never been to New Orleans. And there is a book called, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer. So now I know that they are making a movie about it. Haven't read it yet, just waiting for the paperback version. Thanx!