Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AMAZING Weekend for the Band and a Class

You remember I told you I had to paint some baffles with 3 sayings for the band. Remember, Reflect and Respond. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what parents will do for their "kids in the band." They are an unwavering breed of people who know the value of having something to strive for on the road to greatness. They prove this every year. They feed them, cloth them, and follow the path to help each kid realize the dream of what can be accomplished by reaching for the stars.

And this year they did just that. The Morton HS Marching Band went to Indy and proved they were up there with the best of them. They placed 3rd in the Bands of America Grand Nationals competition for 2A bands. 90 bands participated and we could not be prouder of them.

This is just one of the fantastic shots by Chris Rajkumar. It's a great one.

Here's one of Jeff, my kid, the director, giving what I'm sure was a pep talk to go out and do the best they can....make everyone proud. Thanks to everyone who pushed these young people to their limits and congratulations to an outstanding group of young professionals. It shows they've got the right answer to leading in the right direction.

AND on a lighter note. Yes, I know the print is upside down. This thing was extremely hard to photograph without glare and some sense of color. So I give you this. It's of course, Tim's Foliage flower with Alcohol Ink on the petals. Then I slid the flower into the Memo Pin...not easy, but doable. The punched clock face was put into the Memo pin and Glossy Accents were added to everything.

It will work it's way into the little project I've been working of for a few days. I've come down with a cold, but seem to be much better today.
So don't forget to come to the last class of the Graphic 45 ladies and Desk Organizer this weekend at Scrapadoodle in Peoria, Illinois. It has lots of fun techniques and pieces that will make a rewarding afternoon of crafting. You are guaranteed to have a great time making this. And they make wonderful Christmas gifts that are easy to duplicate once you have the instructions.

So call and register for class.........hope to see you there.



Netty said...

I love marching bands and yours looks terrific. Congratulations on such an achievement as they must have been up against a lot of bands.
I love your little pin, so beautiful and great to see it as it is rather than hid in a project.
Ooh I wish I could go to that class as I love this project. Take care and congrats again. Annette x

2amscrapper said...

YAY for the band! And great creative flower pin.

Lori said...

Cute "kid"! lol! That is really GREAT they got 3rd place! What an honor!
As for class, I'll be there with bells on and I'm bringing a friend..I was told to tell you that we'll be there at noon, half hour before class, so's we can get our boxes painted PRIOR to class. lol. Thought it was just as easy to let you know here. Well, ok, I forgot I was supposed to email you, and I just read your post, so....

Wanda H said...

Congrats to the band and your son!!! That is HUGE!!! And to mom too for signs and support!!!

Your flower is cool!!! I can imagine it was difficult to get it in the pin but your persevered!! Very cool!!!

Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Wow! What a full weekend. Very cool project. Have fun in your class.

Two Dog Pond said...

There's something powerful about HS Marching Bands...I'm brought to tears everytime I see them perform. Congratulations to Jeff and his band. And YOU! The flower is beautiful and you have no idea how much I wish I could drive the 600 miles to your class this weekend ...someday....

SusanK said...

Congrats to Jeff and the band!!!!! Love the memo pin with the watch face in the center of the flower...can't wait to see what project it will adorn. Sorry I can't be there in Peoria but maybe next time....and make Lori behave! lol

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Congrats to the kids, Thats impressive! and to all the parents who encourage them every step of the way!
Love your desk organizer, Wish I lived closer, any chance your be teaching a studio organizer project? LOL

ThinkInk Creative said...

Your work is incredible.
've selected you as 1 of my 8 to receive a Stylish Blogger Award

Shoshi said...

Great pics, Linda - esp. the band one! And I love the desk organiser. For some time now I've been planning to make something to keep my crafting tools in (no time till next year to actually start it) and this is just great - really stylish and practical. I'd thought of using cylindrical holders arranged in a circle, but I like the linear idea - each section is more accessible and it would take up less room. Must explore this further!

This is such a great blog.