Thursday, October 7, 2010

Charm Clips and Miniature Pictures

Are these cute or what??????????????

These little pictures are from Tim's Lost and Found paper stash. They're the smallest of the set of old pictures.

I used a small circle punch to cut the picture and "urged" the picture into the center of the Charm Clip.

Add some Glossy Accents to one side on your Craft Sheet, and when dry, add it to the back. This is cool because a picture appears on both sides, so the Charm Clip is great on either side. The Charm Clips are from Tim Holtz @Ranger.

Have fun, make some of these, and I'll show you where to use them in a much larger project coming later. It's loaded with TIM stuff.

Stay Tuned.....tomorrow I'll show you the finished project and tutorial!


Daniele said...

cute and clever....great idea

Jennie said...

cool idea! :))

Sue said...

What???? These ARE cute!

Netty said...

Have never seen these charms before. They look terrific, look forward to seeing what happens next. Annette x

Linda Elbourne said...

I LOVE the thought of you urging these gorgeous little pictures in ... perhaps you could do a video ... you know ... with sound :0)
Fabulous idea ... they look great!

Sharon said...

These are fab............Can't wait for you to show us the way to make these. I am all over it. Thanx for sharing.

Candy C said...

These are way cool! You are just oozing with creativity! Thanks for sharing!

SusanK said...

OMG, haven't seen these in person yet but I'm thinking I now *have* to get them asap! Very cool idea, indeed!

sue said...

Where can we get the charms?

Elaine A said...

Linda -

These are too darn cute! Love them!

Elaine Allen

2amscrapper said...

love these little products and what you created with them!

Kathie Barrus said...

I just bought these clips and a friend recommended your blog to see how to use them.
I am so glad that she did!! I love how you used
them and will do something similar in my own art. Thanks for the inspiration! Kathie Barrus