Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tim Holtz DT Project for September!

This project took place over several most....but it changed many times. The hardest part of all was photographing it and getting the darks and lights to show up. Hence, the 2 shots on different papers. It's amazing the change it makes when you have a different background under the same circumstances.

I doubt I could make a tutorial for all of this. It would have you asleep half way through! But I'll hit the high spots and hope you make it to the end.

This is a paper-mache ornament on gold thread. I started with direct to paper Adirondack Earthtones STREAM and EGGPLANT on the edge, and blended them with a cloth. When dry, I added SAPPHIRE Distress Stickles. Trace, cut and glue the flowered paper from the LOST AND FOUND paper stack to the piece.

The metal CANVAS CORNERS are something I've had forever. I trimmed with Tim's Tonic Scissors, punched holes with the 2 Hole Screw Punch at the sides, and put brads in the holes. Then punch 2 holes in the bottom for the BAUBLES. TISSUE TAPE is layered over the corner and cut with the CRAFT KNIFE. Whew! Still with me?

The large flower was cut with the TATTERED FLORALS dye using the plastic packaging from any of the Idea-ology pieces. Aqua Acrylic Paint DABBER was added, then I stamped with Black Archival Ink and a Tim Stamp, added Sapphire DISTRESS INK, and hit it with the HEAT TOOL. While it's still very warm, mold it however you want. Then add Sunflower Sparkle PERFECT PEARLS MIST for contrast.

The BAUBLES were added to a large JUMP RING and threaded through the 2 holes. Tricky, but it can be done. I used a GRUNGEBOARD Flourish with SAPPHIRE and CONCORD Distress Inks, then added SAPPHIRE Distress Stickles. (This is putting ME to sleep........)

The smaller flower is dye cut with the TATTERED FLORALS dye that has TISSUE TAPE on the chipboard. Add VICTORIAN VELVET Distress Stickles and pen marks to the edges of both flowers. Glue the button from the FANCIFUL Accoutrements set to the center.

The RIBBON is from the new LAVISH TRIMMINGS set that has been sprayed with 3 different Perfect Pearls/Re-Inkers/Water mixtures in the Mini Misters. I can only tell you they were a Red, a Blue and a dash of a Green....sorry. I've slept many times since I mixed those babies !!!!!

The Vintage Girl is from a Cabinet Card I own of a Wedding picture. I think she's gorgeous. She's added with Glossy Accents to a new FACET FRAGMENT. Assemble as shown.

Add some black pen dots. Tie the bow and you're done. And so am I! The last is a picture on black that shows the gorgeous BAUBLES that were so hard to see in the other pics.

Everything in RED is from Tim. I've added some links for you throughout. Any questions, please, just ask. But remember to leave an email address as not all of you come through with an address. Hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday. We enjoyed the wonderful weather on the patio.
Be Well and Be Good to each other.


Linda Cain said...
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Lynn Stevens said...

Now thats a lot of directions! Fabulous piece!

Helen said...

Whew, made it to the end. Love the work though, I am not surprised it took you so long to make. It is gorgeous..

Jennie said...

So pretty, and no I am not asleep at the I love that you always make me think and give me ideas for product that I have , but have not done anything with :)) Gonna get out my idea-ology packaging that I have saved, knowing it would come in useful one day! Thanks for showing

Jennie said...

So pretty, and no I am not asleep at the I love that you always make me think and give me ideas for product that I have , but have not done anything with :)) Gonna get out my idea-ology packaging that I have saved, knowing it would come in useful one day! Thanks for showing

Kathyk said...

GORGEOUS artwork - Tim should be proud of your treatment of his products.


Susan said...

This is gorgeous! I love that the colors aren't so dark and brown! All the details are stunning.

SusanK said...

I did make it to the end and was nearly worn out - that must have taken an awfully long time to make, let alone type all the instructions. But am so glad you did cuz the piece is just ultra fab!

Becky said...

Flowers, swirls, bling, dangly baubles how much more awesome could this be?

Kathy Eddy said...

This is a remarkable piece! I love that you used packaging for the flowers. I have done some with alcohol inks to color but not the dabbers. Will have to try it. Gorgeous!

Victoria said...

I love this project. Your art and blog is wonderful. I just became your 99th follower!!

chrisw said...

wow absolutely stunning

Lori said...

Wonderful piece, I just love how you place all the layers together. It's a beauty. Thanks for sharing the instructions, too! Love the flower on the plastic. Now, if the companies would start shipping....

Wanda H said...

This is gorgeous, Linda!!! I'll be so glad when I can get some of those faceted fragments!!!!

Renee said...

LOVED your project and thought you did a great job telling us about it! Thanks for sharing it with us.
I thought your photos were great - but as we all know, pictures don't do projects justice, so I know it's
even better in person!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Linda Cain! I am as impressed with your color coded post as I am your beautiful ornament! Okay, well maybe not cuz that ornament is just exquisite. Linda work = exquisite, always. So much work and it created a real beauty!

I scrolled down the entire page and could take no more. You overwhelm me with inspiration and awe of your talent. You just create such magical intricate charming pieces, Linda.

I am in love with that bracelet, too, that you scored at CHA - in Anaheim, no less. Just a hop skip and jump from me. I would have stormed the place to meet up with you and make sure you are real! Mighta poked and pinched a bit but would give you a big ol' hug for all the support you've given me over the last two years - one of my first blog friends!

Have a great weekend and rest up after all that work!

Sue McGettigan said...

Luvverly, and still wide awake, no worries :)