Friday, September 11, 2009

Whoo! Hoo!!! A NEW toy!

This is a test, and only a test!!!! Yea!!!!!

My wonderful husband is taking me up to Minnesota for a week at a beautiful new cabin on the lake....we love to fish. The new pontoon boat is waiting. New fishing line is on the poles.

The crisp clean air of the North in the Fall...beautiful. Trees turning colors reflecting in the lake under a bright blue sky. That's how I remember the last trip. Oh course I have seen it snow huge flakes across the lake, and rain like crazy, but we'll worry about that later.

And he bought me a surprise!!!! A new Toshiba Notebook!!!!!

So I'm playing on my new notebook. And I think I've got the basics can teach an old dog new tricks.

He didn't think I could stand to be away from the computer for 9 email would have been crazy when I got home.

So I can sit upstairs in the loft and look out the window onto the lake and play with the new notebook while he cleans the fish. Hopefully I'll make a few things, too. The next trick is to upload to the jumpdrive with pictures.....hmmmmm.

Cross your fingers. Nothing is ever as easy as those kids at Best Buy make it sound!!! But I WILL give it a try!

Classes tomorrow at Prairie Art Stamps.....can't wait to see you there!

Your Friend in ART,


P.S. This man is a keeper!!!!!


The Artistic Spirit said...

you are soooo spoiled. will you have internet? very nice. i'm working on my piece. ttyl

Unknown said...

Glad you found a keeper Linda :0)Have a fab break ...

Art By Wanda said...

Awesome!!! Yep, he has to be a keeper. Have fun on your trip and it will be great that you can still be on the comp.