Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun Day at Prairie Art Stamps!!!!

The St. Louis Gals...thanks for sharing Becky!
Did we have a BLAST or WHAT?????? Just a couple of pictures of the Works of Art. I LOVE Debbie's take on this. Vertical and sooooo cool. Definitely not done justice in the picture here.

The General definitely had an artistic flair to his work.

Deb really worked hard and had great success!!!!

Happy campers is what we want.

A terrific vertical piece....Stunning!!!

Great color combos here.

Thanks to Helene for the referral.....
The Mother and Daughter Team.

Judy helped so much...thanks!

My husband thinks this one makes you dizzy...Penny Smith did this and I liked it!

The St. Louis girls....never a dull moment! Ha!

I will sleep good tonight!!! The classes were soooooo much fun to see just how differently everyone thinks.

We turned the collages from horizontal to vertical. Some squares became diamonds. The General was working outside the box here, and it turned out great!

I took pictures of the collages. Since the books all turned out fabulous, but generally the same, I took a couple of pictures of the works in progress.

Many thanks to my St. Louis Rebels....the Court was there in part. However the Queen Mum is mending, and we send her our best wishes. Get Better Soon. And thank you for the little prize. Too cute!

And of course thanks to Helene who got Terri to bring me there to teach. A GREAT crew there in the store, thanks to all of you.
We'll be back Oct. 31st for Grungeboard Wallets!!!! Reserve your spot now!!!


Art By Wanda said...

The vertical and diagonals are soooo cool... definitely looks like a fun time!!

2 Junkie Girls said...

wow Linda everyone's pieces turned out so awesome!!! I miss you at PID :(

Hope your allergies straighten out soon.


Escape said...

How fun! I told you The General would love it--he ALWAYS does things his way!! Sure wish I could have been there to share in the fun.

2amscrapper said...

It indeed was a great day. I've posted some photos on my blog as well:
Thanks for two absolutely wonderful projects! Helene