Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration Day Parade-Making History

My fellow Americans and Citizens of the World!!! Today I have to tell you how proud I am of the blond kid in the grey T-shirt, behind the guy in the blue hat. That's my son, Jeff Neavor, the Morton Illinois HS Band director. His band of 120 students was chosen out of over 1300 applicants to march Tuesday at the Inauguration Parade for our 44th President Barack Obama!
They will play around 3 or so right behind the Coast Guard Band. There are bands from each military group CG and Merchant Marines leading 6 divisions. They are in the 5th division.

They have raised all the money they needed, $60,000, to attend. The community really stepped up and backed these talented kids!

It's going to be a long and cold day....but they will never forget being there in the midst of history. And the really wonderful thing is I think they all "really get it." It is not lost on these kids at the importance of standing together, helping each other, pulling up your bootstraps and getting the job done.

Because they've done it so many times before. Great job, Jeff and Crew! Bring it on home-with style!!



TxScrapAddict said...

What a mometous, historic event to be part of! Congrats to him and all those hard working, talented kids! I sure youy are sooooooo proud!!!

Anonymous said...

How very exciting! To be participating in this wonderful change. I actually knew Barack at Occidental College (He was Barry then). I am recording the days event for hubby and the kids to see when they can!

lotsa scrap said...

This really is a special moment in time. Congrats to the Morton band and your son. Everyone worked hard to get there, and they will never forget the experience.

Laume said...

How exciting for your son! How fortunate to be a part of this wonderful history making day!