Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Wow, what a wonderful day here! Emma had a sleepover so we had to make "wolls" for breakfast. Rolls are a tradition here when you spend the night. We worked in the yard and had chicken on the grill....sat in the sun and made some suntea.

Then off they went and I got to finish the last book! This one has the largest piece of Vintaj metal in it. Had to keep it simple with such an overwhelming adornment, but don't you love it? WHEW! Eight books and I'm done for awhile. Gonna sit and watch TV tonight and not think about journals!

Be well!


Kim H. said...

YUMMY rolls....can I sleep over! LOL!

Your journal are all so gorgeous. I love the metal pieces in them!

Have a wonderful night, vegging in from of the TV!

Carmen said...

All of your books have been absolutely beautiful!



Linda Manning Findley said...

Ok now this one is my favorite ... green gets me every time ..... Linda F

ginny said...

Oh Linda, all of the books are just beautiful and each so different! Having said they area ll different, they do have an unmistakable "Lindaness" to them.

Wendy said...

Another BEAUTY!!
This one is really cool.

Anonymous said...

All of your journals are soooo beautiful. A real treat for the eyes. TFS! :0)

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Linda your Journel's are Just STUNNING they give me goose bumps (thats Good LOL)

The Artistic Spirit said...

This is my favorite also. Can't wait to visit Vintaj's booth at the Bead and Button Show next month. I think everyone should be ordering from Vintaj. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs

Gretz said...

These journals are so.. so... I don;t know which to pick as a favourite ;-)

When are your Aussie classes LOL