Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gotta Get to Work!

OK, I've got to get going and work on the 7 little houses in the swap I've been invited to be in....whoo! whoo!...with the wonderfully talented group of ladies from Australia!!! I am so excited!!! AND I have to post the 7 things about me that are strange, having been tagged by my talented friend Wendy Vecchi...you gotta look at her blog....terrific stuff!
Here goes:
1. I'm very anal (sorry if that offends)..everything must be straight and in a line in my art. Not always a good thing.

2. I, too have to tear out all the cards from magazines before I can read them! Maybe this should be a sign to those editors that we don't really like them!

3. I once raced a BOSS 302 Mustang in Jim Conna (sp?) races before we sold the car to someone who wanted to race it in Australia.

4. After work I would come home and turn off anything in the house making noise, TV, radio, kids....ok that didn't work, and clear everything off the kitchen counter. Had to do it to create some semblance of peace before I could do anything.

5. Told my kids to call me when they were out late...anytime...they could lie to me about where they were ....just let me know they were alive and ok. Hopefully they didn't have to lie too many times!

6. I had a boyfriend who couldn't bait his own hook....fishing...and I would do it just to go fishing with him...his wife still hates me for dating him. Too bad. Maybe she should have liked minnows a little bit more.

7. Have a bad habit of wanting to staighten anyone else's pictures that are hanging crooked....doctor's, friend's, mild aquaintances...not always a good thing. Did anyone say OCD?


Rachel Greig said...

Love reading this :) I use those cards in the mags for bookmarks to remember to re-look at ideas that I liked, then once I'm done, I throw them out :)

wendy vecchi said...

HA! HA! Thanks for playing!! FUN stuff!!
I hope the mag editors are paying attention...

Shari Carroll said...

Hi Linda,
loving your stuff...and your factoids. I hope you don't mind, I added your blog link to my blog.

Hi Rachel and Wendy!