Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's for the BIRDS!

It's time to make some new

Bird Houses.
The old ones are kind of falling apart. So this is just one, painted, stamped and ready to hang up.

All these designs are stamped images. The links will take you there.
So fun and easy to to....just get a little wooden house and start to layer it on!
It's for the Birds!
Products Used:
Other Various Clear Stamps 


  1. OMGosh- too cute! I just finished one too- I know what you mean about the old falling apart- but my new one has to wait till the Wren leaves at the end of the summer! It's filled to the brim with sticks! heehee

  2. Really beautiful little house for birds, and I love the shiny colours you have used Linda and the small details. :) Coco x

  3. I love birdhouses as art and I really love this one!

  4. Is that a little fence painted along the side? And a clock on the front! What a lucky little bird to live in such a designer house :) Love it!

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