Saturday, February 25, 2012

Distress Markers/Watercolor Crayons Journal Page.

I'm addicted....just like Kaz said I would be.....

I had to go get a new Journal today. Just HAD to have one that would lay FLAT like Dyan's and Dina's.

They only had the very thin papered Moleskin Journals at Barnes and Noble, and Hobby Lobby only had good paper in the ringed binders.

So I got an Hard Cover ecosystem, 80lb. white paged Journal and it didn't take spritzing least not for me on the first try.

But, I didn't give up, I just tried it again with watercolor crayons, Distress Ink, and very little water on a brush.

I'm happy with it....only after layers and layers do I ever think anything is what I like.

When will I ever learn and just keep going????

I use the Caran d'Ache Watercolor Crayons and Distress Ink pads for background color.

These are the Papillon Butterflies stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink and colored with the new Distress Markers from Tim.

As you can see, they didn't stand out too well, so in the finished project I had outlined them with the fine tip of the marker and liked them better.

This is the same stamp on a Manila Tag with the markers. The background on the book made them darker. So here they are on their own.

Then I used the Markers on the Kraft Resist to show you how cool that looks!

Lovin' the colors!!!! Practice, practice, I tell my dear friends in class!!!!!

That's it for tonight......Emma won her game today....Erin tomorrow!

Never a dull moment!



  1. OMGoodness love the journal and the colours you are such an inspiration xx
    I have water crayons

  2. BEEEEEUTIFUL CREATIONS ! I agree, practice makes perfect and you never know what you will discover about yourself either.

  3. Great journalling. I have one with very thin pages too, so I can't use sprays in mine either, I need to find one with thicker paper next time!

  4. "I'm happy with it....only after layers and layers do I ever think anything is what I like"

    Are we talking about real life or journalling now? Methinks Freud would like to delve in to that one...

    There's no absolute right or wrong or 'done' just the moments...enjoy them!

  5. Did you hear my jaw hit the ground? This is just amazing!! I bought myself 2 different size journals to this with and haven't even started.

  6. Beautiful page! I love all the layers!

  7. Once you're hooked it's all over...I spend more time in my art journal than doing anything else!

  8. Both are beautiful, but the one in the book is my favorite! I love the layers too! I Need that stamp set!

  9. Beautiful, Linda! LOVE your doodling and the colors are fab-o-rama!

  10. Gosh, Linda, your journal page is gorgeous. Fall down gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful colors! In my journal I lightly gessoed all of the pages first and then I paint and spray them. This is gorgeous! I have to take some pics and put them in the groups. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the vibrant colors! Fantastic journal page! I have some of those crayons, have I used them? No. lol.

  13. Great results Linda, Sounds like a fun class. I've still never done a journal, maybe someday!
    hugs Lynn

  14. Just found your blog and it has blown me away. Went back almost two months and will have to look back further. Amazing projects. Love your trinket case, the birdhouse resort and the gypsy wagon. Am fast becoming a fan. thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Love these Linda! Your work is always so inspiring and these pens are intriguing! Happy March! :)

  16. You're so talented Linda, I love how you can pretty much tackle any type of medium, any type of project and turn it into an artistic masterpiece. In the past two to three years you have developed into such an amazing artist in my humble opinion. Please don't take that the wrong way, you've always been so talented, you just jumped to a whole other level with your work in the past few years. I adore looking at your art work and getting inspired with new ideas. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring.


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